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VP Debate tonight!

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#41 Birdie07

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    Posted 03 October 2008 - 11:19 AM

    We left the debate on in our bedroom and I was in the kitchen. And then I walked back in and our new kitten was sitting up at the end of the bed staring at the TV. It would of made a great pic if I had a camera ready. He then fell asleep standing up. Does that mean it was boring? hahaha

    #42 *Casey*

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      Posted 03 October 2008 - 09:08 PM

      I had to force myself to keep it on...

      #43 starchild



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        Posted 03 October 2008 - 11:03 PM

        I actually didn't think it was too boring, and I'm usually not into this stuff hardcore. It was entertaining (and at some parts it was annoying) but it kept our interest for the 90 minutes.

        BTW Jaime or anyone, what is Palin bingo about? I overheard someone else mention it.

        #44 Banana11

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          Posted 04 October 2008 - 08:52 AM

          FI & I watched the entire debate. Sometimes I couldn't tell if it was Sarah Palin or Tina Fey! They both did better than I thought they would. It was tough to listen to Palin throw out phrases and taglines that she thought average Americans would relate to. It was so over the top it was like she was making fun of herself. And if she brought up energy again I was going to mute her :).

          #45 starchild



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            Posted 04 October 2008 - 03:20 PM

            I agree, the folksy stuff was laughable because it seemed disingenuous. Maybe she winks a lot in real life so I won't fault her for the excessive winking.

            The moderator did a great job imo, but I think that if there wasn't the controversy of her allegiance before the debate, that she may have been tougher on Palin. She allowed Palin to evade questions and speak about what she wanted to say rather than the topic at hand. Someone should have called her out, Biden played nice so he didn't do it either like I wish he would have.

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