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I just won my wedding band!

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Originally Posted by Lilpaisley View Post
Thanks Guys.

Joel was thinking about a black Tungsten or Titanium band. We are going to go to a few jewelry shops so he can try on styles to see what he likes (sshh they don't need to know I won't buy from them)...he doesn't know how wide, if he wants a stone, etc. Then I will buy it wholesale. I have a wholesale account with a few jewelry supply companies, so I can get them allot cheaper.

He already wears a stainless steel band I bought him (people think we are already married when they see it). I want to upgrade that ring to something really nice.

What do your Guys have?

Craig picked out his band on his own and much to my surprise its actually really nice and manly! He picked out this wide, dark Tungsten band. Looks great on him! Nothing too fancy, no stones or anything. Its perfect for him.

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