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I Can Do This!...right?

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I was engaged 08/08 and I'm planning to marry in early 2010. I've poked my head in a few times but never posted. THe informative posts, lovely pictures and thoughtful reviews on this forum are SO helpful!


Thanks for helping me to realize that my dream beach wedding is do-able!


Because the economy's tight, I figured it might just be me and my fiance, but when I announced my decision to have a destination wedding, my family was all in! And my friends were psyched (esp. when I told them about all-incluive booze :). A few have already picked up Passport applications already!


I'm the first in my group of friends to do a destination wedding and I think there will be 30-50 so I have my work cut out. I'll be relying heavily on web research and this knowledgable forum...so I apologize in advance for my pesky questions (I'll be glad to share whatever I find, too). Cheers!


PS I'm thinking the Dominican Republic or Jamaica

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Congrats on the engagement! You have plenty of time to plan and you're come to the right place for information. My fiance and I are very budget conscious as our big goal is building a house so we are doing the whole shabang for under 8k, possibly 7 (including everything!) so you can definitely make it happen. Happy planning and good luck!

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