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When do brides become irrational?

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#1 DWandMJ

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    Posted 01 October 2008 - 12:44 AM

    I think I crossed that line tonight when it came to our invitations.
    I spent hours designing our invitations in photoshop and finally took them to be printed at the UPS store this last weekend. I was happy with them when we brought them home, but the more I think about it, the colors turned out a little too dark and it's been on my mind.
    I made the error of asking my FI about it, and he gave the token "I could care less what the colors are" response of 'They look fine.' I don't just want 'fine.' I spent hours trying to perfect the damn things and all you can respond with is 'fine'?!?!?
    Well, being the rational one, he stated that I could pay to have them reprinted if I really want to, but its irrelevant. And he's right... I think...
    As much as we get caught up in wanting everything to be flawless, we lose sight of whats important. Honestly, you could spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars and/or countless hours on making the stupid things perfect, but they inevitably just end up in the trash.

    I'm done worrying about it. I'll leave well enough alone.

    #2 DallasAshli

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      Posted 01 October 2008 - 12:49 AM

      Haha - that's too funny because we have all been there! I finally had to stop messing with mine and hit "print". I agree with you - they will end up in the trash (or hopefully the recycle bin). The overall concept for our wedding is a casual, laid-back affair. That's a big reason we chose a DW. Sometimes I have to remind myself that laid-back people don't care about
      "perfection" :)

      #3 DWandMJ

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        Posted 01 October 2008 - 08:24 PM

        Oddly, as much as I was thinking "these aren't really the colors I was going for," the adjoining pewter colored metallic cardstock and green envelopes arrived today and the colors match perfectly.
        Whats supposed to be more of a pretty and soft tropical green has turned out more like split pea soup.... but whatever.

        #4 Yari

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          Posted 01 October 2008 - 11:21 PM

          I am irrational all the time lately...

          #5 DWandMJ

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            Posted 04 October 2008 - 02:44 PM

            Originally Posted by Yari
            I am irrational all the time lately...
            This entire process I've tried so hard not to be this way. My FI made it clear that if I acted even remotely like his friend's wife, he would not marry me. I'm trying to just breathe and enjoy all of the planning, but I catch myself being neurotic....

            #6 DLyteful

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              Posted 04 October 2008 - 02:54 PM

              girl, i think you have the right to be as irrational as you want.... and he should just take it (LOL), b/c its your wedding and your only going to do it once (most of the time). With that being said, yes most invitations end up in the trash or lost somewhere and most people dont notice the little details you may have worked so hard on, AND it think destination weddings are suppose to be less stressful. So, since they are already printed and you DID work so hard on them, just be happy with your work. BUT if you want to reprint them, and it's within whatever budge you have, go ahead and reprint them. But you do have the right to want things perfect. And I'm sure your honey will marry you no matter what.

              #7 JennyK

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                Posted 04 October 2008 - 03:05 PM

                it'll just get worse hahahaha I fought so much with FI in the beginning stages.. now not so much but he still irritates me to no end when it comes to planning lol

                #8 Yari

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                  Posted 05 October 2008 - 12:54 AM

                  Sometimes I don't know what got into me, but I would get mad over nothing. Of course it could of been PMS, stress or whatever, but a wedding definitely amplified things for me.

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