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Totally random but super cute :)

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couldnt find my 5 pounders anywhere a bit ago. looked all over the house for them.


they were cuddling on the couch buried under a blanket!

Click the image to open in full size.

the one on the right cant even jump up on the couch, she plays like a baby and wont do it on her own, like shes too widdle wink.gif so i have "no idea" how she got up there haha, she can so jump on her own! brat :)

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Originally Posted by Tara View Post
Awe! They are so cute. How sweet that they cuddle.
well, i would more say that Frank cuddles with Chica, and Chica "tollerates" Frank haha. he is the puppy, ok well 2 yrs old, and she is a crotchety old 4 yrs wink.gif

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