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Did you meet your fiance online?

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#131 zeeshan

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    Posted 11 May 2010 - 07:06 AM

    We met 1st time online and after some time we met in a cafeteria. we like each other and got engaged after six months.

    #132 smckinney22

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      Posted 24 May 2010 - 12:37 PM

      My fiance and I knew each other in high school. But he re-found me on Myspace of all places 6 years later. I never knew but he had a huge crush on me in high school apparently. After our first date we knew we were meant to be together.

      #133 peterpanpixiedust

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        Posted 30 May 2010 - 08:46 PM

        My best friend met her husband on Eharmony over 3 years ago, got engaged less than a year later, then married a little over a year after that. This will will be their one year anniversary in July, and I've never seen her happier. "This will be, an everlasting love" LOL , they sent her and her fiance a hat when they tried to be in a commercial ( i guess there are too many applicants.. LOL)

        #134 callamonster

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          Posted 01 June 2010 - 11:24 AM

          match.com :)

          #135 Lua

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            Posted 02 June 2010 - 02:25 PM

            plentyoffish.com of all places!!!

            it had been a year since the awful heartbreaking end to my last relationship... (turns out my fiances previous relationship ended the same way). I was living in a town where I had no friends and was not a fan of going to bars, so online dating was my only option.

            I came across a RossGellar on POf one day and as cheesy as it sounds, I'm not going to lie.. I kinda gasped when I saw his pic and new at that moment I had to be with him. I went totally out of character and sent him a message right away and proceeded to wait! When I noticed I had a message back from him I got those major butterflies in my stomach....the good type of butterflies which I STILL feel every day when I know I'm going to see him soon! We talked every single day for about a month before meeting. As crazy as it sounds, I invited him over to watch a movie and help me eat some chocolate cookies - his fav. From that moment on, we never looked back!

            We quickly became the best of friends and 8 days after our 2 year dating anniversary, he proposed! :)

            #136 HereFishie

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              Posted 03 June 2010 - 09:54 AM

              Lua, my Hubby and I met on POF as well! :)

              Every now and then you find a good one on there!

              #137 knitgirl13

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                Posted 03 June 2010 - 04:47 PM

                We met on okcupid... he didn't even have a profile or picture up, because he said he joined just to talk to me :) He wrote so much and I liked everything he had to say. We met 2 days later for coffee and we were pretty much joined at the hip ever since!

                #138 clgriffi7

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                  Posted 17 June 2010 - 12:02 PM

                  I just got engaged June 4th to a man I met on eharmony. Although I still have a bit of hesitancy saying that I met my man online (I suppose I still feel like there is a bit of stigma attached to it), I will certainly sing eharmoy's praises from the rooftop. The match you well and they have a great step-wise communication program that starts with multiple choice questions that you select and ends with an internal email-like communication. My fiance and I met early July 2008 and dated just shy of 2 years before he popped the question. One of our "disagreements" has been over our anniversary - is it the day you start communicating online or the day you met for the first time? I guess that argument will be put to rest next year when your anniversary becomes the day you got married!! (oh crap - nope, still going to be a disagreement - will it be the date of the courthouse marriage back home or the symbolic ceremony in Mexico!)

                  #139 MDLady

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                    Posted 18 June 2010 - 01:39 PM

                    We met on jdate.com (jewish dating site).

                    I tried match.com when I first moved cities and didn't know anyone other than my parents. I was looking for friends at that point more than a boyfriend but kept getting guys who were looking for hookups rather than getting to know anyone as a person. Eventually I did find someone who I dated for a year but it did not work out. So after that, the last thing that I wanted was to do online dating.

                    My Mom kept telling me stories about her friends and coworkers whose kids met their fiances and husbands on jdate. My family is not very religious at all but I am jewish by heritage so I didn't want some super-religious man. I fought it for months and then my Mom asked me to sign up for jdate.com as a gift to her for Mother's day in 2008 (I was 29 so she must have been worried haha). I agreed and figured, whatever, what do I have to lose other than once again trying to figure out who's genuine and who's not (I did get a few people who posted a picture of themselves 10 years ago LOL).

                    I went on a couple of dates which were actually pretty painful and then a guy began sending me messages in broken English but very casual and friendly. So I replied and he would respond immediately. I would take my time responding, sometimes 2-3 days later, but he would keep messaging me so I was surprised about how persistent he was (he insists it's his South American very friendly and outgoing culture).

                    Then I finally gave him my phone number and we briefly spoke on the phone and arranged a dinner date. I picked a restaurant 1.5 blocks away from my apartment so if I didn't like the guy, at least I can just leave and be home quickly.

                    The guy who showed up for the date was cute and very friendly, super energetic and just one of those life of the party types. I'm laid back and more go with the flow so it was not love at first sight by any means. But we agreed to see each other again because there was something about this guy that just radiated warmth. So we went on a few more dates and took things pretty slow which impressed me. I honestly couldn't tell you when we fell for each other, it just kind of happened slowly as we got to know each other. 2 months after we met, I brought him home to meet my family and then he began meeting my friends. Later they all told me that they knew right away that he would be the one. I was the last to realize it haha.

                    A little over a year after we met, he took me to South America to meet his whole family and friends whom I loved immediately. They were the warmest family that I've probably ever been around so his personality made perfect sense. He proposed in July 2009 and we got married on May 30, 2010 in Aruba with our families and friends. I'm still getting used to being married :)

                    I do sometimes get embarrassed when people ask about how we met since there is a bit of a stigma attached to it still. But it worked for us. Now my hubby wants to write one of those long testimonials for jdate.com and send our wedding pictures. We will probably do that in the next couple of months. Should be fun to retell the story!

                    #140 kwaits

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                      Posted 04 July 2010 - 12:50 AM

                      My fiance and I met on Myspace. I was recently divorced and didn't really know how to meet people since I hadn't been single since I was 19. I just started searching for peopole in my area and came across his profile. The first message I sent him went something like this "Hey! I love your truck. Oh, and you're not bad looking either :-)". That began a 6 week long online conversation. We met for the first time at his work and went to IHOP (cheesy, I know). But it felt sooo relaxed and perfect. 2 years later we move in together and a year after that we were engaged. Perfect match!!!

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