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Dreams Tulum Closure (consolidated thread)

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Thanks for the update! I'm the wedding 2 days after you at DT, if it reopens! Keep me updated on what your hearing & thinking of doing since were so close in dates. What a mess, huh? Who ever said DW were easier...maybe if I hadn't picked the one time in our freakin' lives that the economy is failing, jobs are being laid off, airlines are shutting down....Ahhhhhhhhh!


Whoops, guess I'm starting to freak! girl_werewolf.gif


Thanks ladies, really appreciate all the updates! We'll all make these weddings wonderful no matter what!

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Amy, thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!! It does make me feel better to see that you at least received communication from them and he sounds like a reasonable intelligent person who is planning on helping us. My mind feels more at ease. I'll still keep my fingers crossed!

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Amy thanks for posting the email! I feel better knowing that they guarantee rooms and prices for the wedding and all our guests.

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Amy, thank you soooo much.


Niels408, I was just thinking the same thing about our timing with the economy nose diving right now. Let's hope this is all resolved before our weddings...

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Got another response girls! I posted this in the petition thread as well as the dreams tulum sticky thread


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Kevin Wojciechowski <wojo@amresorts.com>

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 12:29:40 -0400

Subject: Dreams Tulum

To: amesharpe@gmail.com

Cc: dmellado@dreamstulum.com.mx, dhernandez@amresorts.com




Dear Ms. Sharpe,


We completely understand and appreciate your anxiety to be quite honest. Please be assured that we are not trying to keep information from you or any of the other wonderful brides that have planned their special day at Dreams Tulum. The situation is extremely delicate and tense at the same time. It is not at all easy to say when it will be resolved since it is a legal matter and in the hands of the court system. Our legal team is working extremely hard to resolve the matter expeditiously and just yesterday we were informed the situation can be resolved prior to the end of October.


This is positive news to be sure but we are still taking the decision to protect and move all new arrivals straight through the end of this month. This decision was taken today at noon. We realize this is challenging to hear and we feel terrible that you and all our other brides are worried however it is extremely challenging being in the hands of the court system and not being able to determine an exact date that this will be resolved.


We will be calling each and every bride that is planning their wedding in 2008 in order to discuss the situation with them personally and give them a better comfort level. We, of course, do not wish for you to have any greater anxiety than already exists and feel that a personal call is the best way forward. The resort has been extremely active doing everything it can to protect those guests arriving the first weeks of October since they were the highest priority and need immediate assistance. We were convinced that this would be resolved sooner and that is why you were informed by Mr. del Peon about our initial actions to protect guests earlier this month. We did indeed protect everyone through October 13th and as indicated above have only today made a determination to protect through the end of the month. It is what is best for the guest in order to ensure their stay is enjoyable and goes as planned.


Even though we are confident that this will be resolved as indicated, we want to assure you that we will, of course, protect your wedding, rates and guests at one of our Dreams or Secrets Resorts in Cancun/Riviera Maya or will protect you in another resort of equal or better quality should the need arise. In your specific case, we do not foresee that this will be a problem as we are, once again, confidant we will be open well before your December 20th wedding.


We regret that you have been caused this anxiety and hope to have the entire situation resolved as indicated above. You will be hearing from the resort soon, Ms. Sharpe and please be assured we will do everything possible to take excellent care of you and all our brides.


Thank you very much for your understanding.


Best regards,



Kevin Wojciechowski

Vice President Sales & Marketing


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please, please please keep all posts in the proper thread.


ie. general dreams tulum questions in the dreams tulum thread, dreams closure discussion in that thread, and in the petition just the information asked for because i am spending my morning deleting duplicate threads, moving to proper area, etc...


do NOT multiple post.

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I thought I just posted a response but I do not see it on the thread. Apologies if this gets posted twice.


Amy - Thank you SOOO much for posting the reply. I am not sure what to gather - now we are looking at end of October.


Considering my wedding is on 11/1 and some guests are arriving as early as Oct 27th, I really don't know what they will do with our group.


I did get a call yesterday from Daniel in DT Group Sales Dept, he said they are researching hotels that can accommodate all of my guests (ALL 150!) and needed to know if we had any kids. Of course we have ONE, so that rules out Secrets! I asked if they could make an exception for the one child and he said definitely no.


Daniel said that they were getting daily updates from their Legal Dept and that he would call me today with some possible hotels that can hold our group and my wedding preferences.


I will let you all know when/if I hear back.


Try to have a good day! I am sure we will all laugh at this craziness when it is all over!

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Mel, our weddings are pretty close so let's try and keep in touch with each other for info.


I have already sent an email to all my guests (30). I guess we will just take it as it comes!


I am really sad that I will not get to be close to the ruins, or take my picture at The Yellow Wall.




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