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Deciding between LC or Dreams?....

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Hey Everyone! I do have quite a bit of time to plan - wedding date March 2010, but I'm an organizer! and can't wait to start planning.


We have been looking at Las Caletas or Dreams for the location. We will probably have a group of 40-50 and we are a little tentative about everyone going on the boat ride to LC - does anyone know how long it is? (hour half?...)

We are also planning on making a short trip March 09 to check things out, so I'm sure that will really be our deciding factor.


I'm sure we will all stay at Dreams to make it easier, so should we just have the wedding there too? I really like the gazebo! I have so many friends getting married right now, and I'm really liking something that just has the whole package and I don't have to contract out too much. I know exactly what I want, so I feel I can explain it to the WC simply.


Thanks for any and all advice ladies!!!



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Hi Jill,


I am an LC bride getting married there next Friday.


Check out the Las Caletas thread. It is long, but there is a lot of info. Read through it first and then ask away.


Good luck on your decision.

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I think Stephany is on to something. I looked at both while I was in PV and here is my take on it.



Pro's- It is very private which I loved. Very affordable. Once of the most affordable set ups I saw while I was there. It is very rustic and the set up for the ceremony/reception was in my opinion simple (which sounds like what you are looking for). The coordinators there are awesome, friendly, open and seemed like the would be good to work with. It felt like an experience. I would have a family reunion or big bday party there for sure. And I can see why many would get married there. It is very tropical and sets the mood.


Con's- Boat ride..... My FI parents would not enjoy the ride at all, plus we have 2 babies coming and after the wedding I didn't want my sister-in-laws to have to take the tired babies back on a boat. I also have a few friends that have certain standards when it comes to boat rides, and I knew after drinking and eating getting back on the boat would not be fun.

I talked to 2 brides that said, Yes, a couple of my guests did get sick on the boat ride home; I believe too many drinks and a rocking boat. Additionally there is an ending time to the event. This was not for me. My guests are mainly 30-40 years old, and they are coming to my wedding to celebrate which means into the wee-hours of the morning. I wanted to be able to keep open bar and DJ past 12 midnight.



Dreams- (I am only having my ceremony there, reception at a villa)


Pro's- No fee for using outside WC. Dreams isn't charging me to have my ceremony there. YEah!!!!!!!!

They allow outside WC (I'm using Kristin DD) and she has been great to work with. She has done many weddings at the resort and I have heard nothing but great reviews from the brides. The site she uses on the beach is off to the far left out of the way from other vacationers. Yes you will have people watching, who you don't know, but again Kristin keeps it very secluded and private for a resort ceremony.

I also choose Dreams, because I wanted my guests to be able to get dressed and go straight to the ceremony. This way if they have to step away because of the baby, or my FI parents they have their rooms, restrooms and such right there. Also while we do photos on the beach and around the pool, my guests can drink for free (all-inclusive)while they wait for us to finish. They can also meet before the ceremony and drink for free. I liked this option.


Con's- It is a resort and people will watch. I am not having my reception there because the music has to stop at 11pm. YOu have to use their food, which is really good, but I wanted to use Plush Catering. We are moving our guests to Villa right by the Dreams to dance the night away.


I feel you will have an amazing wedding either way. LC is great, if your guests don't mind the boat ride to and back. Also if your guests aren't big party'ers. Mine are. It would have been my 2nd choice.


Best of luck

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I might be a little biased.... ok A LOT biased, but I'd go with LC. We just got married there and it was an unbelieveable experience, one that can't be duplicated anywhere else.


Also, our guests really enjoyed both boat rides. Each time we had to make them get off the boat!


We saw 3 weddings at Dreams the week we were there - 2 on the beach and 1 at the gazebo. The gazebo area is pretty small and right along a walkway from the elevators to the beach/pool. The gazebo looks great when it's decorated for a wedding. If you go the Dreams beach route you will have people watching. Hell, I was one of the people watching the wedding... oops!


Good luck deciding!

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