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I made $163 on a sick day!

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I've been home sick the last 2 days. yesterday I slept for 3 1/2 hours in the middle of the day. when i woke up i felt like i had wasted the day. so i decided to do something productive.


during the last year I've been so distracted with wedding planning, that i have neglected to take care of annoying little things.


-netflix billed me for a movie that must have been lost in the mail.


-I was overcharged for my summer gym membership.


-the worst was a late fee on a tuition payment that I'm not incharge of paying. it should be covered through the grad school, so someone else was late.


-emusic charged me for a subscription i never used & tried to cancel several times. their customer service was the worst!!


so i sat down yesterday & made a bunch of phone calls. my grand total in refunded money- $163! i felt much better about sleeping the day away.

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That is awesome! Imagine how many people probably just let these things slide and never get around to fixing them! That was a great accomplishment for a sick day :) Hope you feel better!

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Originally Posted by JennyK View Post
I wish I new how to save $163 today sad.gif Sucks being home sick
there are lots of things to try. scan all your statements & see if you got overbilled for anything. call you cable company & negotiate a better rate. i do that every 6 month-1 year. you have to wait until you are no longer in a contract. for example, i signed up for a 1 year promotion. after that year was up, i waited a month & then called the retention department to see what kind of new promos they had. it's an easy way to save $10-$40 per month.

usually i'm on top of getting back money that i didn't owe, but i've been so burnt out lately. the wedding planning really took all my energy to do extra stuff.

i still need to confirm i wasn't overcharged by tivo for subscription i bought my mom a year ago. that is going to take longer than the others. i'll need to lay out a bunch of cc statements. i kept getting overcharged & then would call for a credit. but, i didn't take the time to make sure all the credits covered the overcharged ammounts.

it's so easy to just let it slide, but who knows. i might have overpaid $40.

unfortunately the overbilling from school is going to take more work to fix. i'm still dealing with that one sad.gif so i guess i tallyed up the $163 too fast.

the other thing i took care of was that dillards never sent my 20% off coupon for completing my registry. I got that taken care of & next week I'm off to get the rest of my fiestaware with giftcards.

it's unfortunate that you can't trust bills to be right all the time. i get so many errors that i wouldn't notice if i didn't spend the time every so often to look for them.

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oh another one to do- if you have ever gotten a credit card late fee (even if you were really late) call and get it removed. they will take off the finance charges too.


i've never done this one b/c i don't carry balances, but if you call your credit card companies, you can often negotiate a lower interest rate.


I also reshuffled my money in various savings accounts/ cds to get a better return.


my sick day is coming to an end though. I'm going to have to drag myself to work eventually. i'm waiting until everyone that i could possibly infect is gone.

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