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Bio Father VS Step-Father issues..

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Thank you!! London is such an amazing little girl and as soon as I heard the name London for the first time I knew that was it!! Lunden is also a very unique and cool way to spell it!! I didn't even consider different ways.. I guess it's too late now heh :)

Thanks for all the advice!! I think I will stick with my bio Dad walking me half way and handing me off to my Step-Dad, but like Rachel said, where does my bio Dad go from there?? Maybe once he hands me to my Step-Dad he shakes his hand and continues walking ahead of me to an open seat in the front?? So when my Step-Dad and I finally get to the front and the JOFP asks who gives me away my parents (Mom & Step-Dad) can say "We do" and my bio Dad can say "I do"?? What do you ladies think??

As for the father/daughter dance I don't think I could have one of them cut in because I really want to dance to "Wings Beneath My Wings" with my Step-Dad and it really isn't an appropriate song to dance to with my bio Dad. I would like to dance to "If Tomorrow Never Comes" with my bio Dad... I just hope people don't get bored. Maybe if I split it up?

~First dance

~Wedding Party dance & half way through everyone joins so they aren't so bored

~First Father/Daughter dance with my Step-Dad

~My fiance can decide what song he would rather dance with his Mother to

~Second Father/Daughter dance with my bio Dad


If you have any other ideas let me know :)

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I'm actually having the same issue.

I decided to just have my mom walk me down the isle because she's been the most important part of my life.

I think I will just dance with both my bio father and step-daughter at 2 different times.

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Im thinking have your step dad, whos been there walk you down the aisle and your real dad walk you back.im thinking do to dances in any order you like not allowing male pride to get in the way.i can picture anyone of them spinning you around in a different direction not wanting to let you go and you being twirled around in all directions lol.Just thinking ill have all this to contend with when my kids take the plunge just hoping they give me time to shift the excess baggage im sure to be still carrying woudnt want to be the fatty with the ex inlaws around ah.x

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