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Engagement.. October 11, 2007

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We have a whirlwind romance!! My fiance and I started dating in July 2007 and we fell in love instantly. We moved in together within weeks of knowing each other.. everyone thought we were crazy and my parents thought we were just "roomates" haha..

In September I went back home to Ontario to attend a friends wedding and then headed off on a cruise with my Dad. I was gone for almost 3 weeks and missed Anthony like crazy!! I talked about him the whole time I was gone and we even racked up a $900 cell phone bill.. ouch! SIDE NOTE: Do NOT talk on your cell phone when you are in the middle of the ocean!!

Anyways, I got home October 10th and was so happy to be back with Anthony again. The day after I got home he had got off work and started bangin gon the bathroom door (I was in the shower)! I came rushing out in my towel.. thinking something was wrong. He told me I should sit down (HEART ATTACK!). He was covered in concrete.. he pours concrete walls and things like that for a living... and he was in his bright orange coveralls. I'm really a sucker for hot, dirty, construction men wink.gif He got down on one knee and was shaking.. so cute!! I really had no idea what he was doing. He said.. Cindy.. I love you more than anything in this world.. will you marry me?

I was in shock, but so happy and I just blurted out "OF COURSE!!"

A month later I was pregnant with our daughter, London April.. the most amazing girl in the world :)))) Born on August 13th, 2008!!

So, now here we are planning this dream wedding to go along with our dream life!! XOXO!!

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