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My vows, what do you think?

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OK...so here are my wedding vows...yes I got some help from online samples but filled in my own words for the most part...is that cheating?? anyways...let me know what you think..i'm nervous


Do you love me? We've asked this question so often throughout our relationship, let me finally give you the right answer. Travis, I love you so incredibly much, I will do anything for you, give my life, my love, my heart and my soul to you. I love you so much I willingly give all of myself to you, my time, my thoughts, efforts, prayers and my trust. So much that I am and always have been myself with you, silly, scared, and vulnerable, without ever hiding and always willing to share all of my dreams, fears, and worries.

I love you so much I want to protect you, care for you, comfort and guide you. I will always listen to you, cry to you, cry with you and hold you.

I love you so much that I want the absolute best for you and will stand by your side unwavering until you have fulfilled your own dreams and goals no matter what the endeavor.

Travis I love you so much that I will pledge my loyalty to you, keep my promises, faithfullness and my belief in you.

So much that I absolutely cherish our friendship, I respect you and adore your personality.

I love you so much that your strengths make me stronger and know that your weaknesses make will make US stronger.

I love you so much that I will fight for you, compromise and sacrafice myself for you.

So much taht I promise to miss you anytime we are apart no matter the length of time or distance.

I lov eyou so much that I will continue to believe in US and vow to stand by our relationship throught the brightest and darkest of times.

Travis I love you somuch I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you and feel luck to be your partner, best friend and wife for the rest of our days.

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Teary-eyed reading that, my dear! I love it! We just did traditional vows b/c I knew I'd never be able to say all those things you wrote without being a blubbering idiot. What you wrote is precious and from the heart and is going to be so beautiful on your big day!

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