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Thanks to all the beautiful and hot ladies on this forum getting their boudoir pics taken, I decided that I would present FI with his very own bd book on our wedding day. I had a few issues though...I'm very self conscious about my body and the thought of getting semi naked in front of a stranger freaks me out. So I decided to go the diy route. Armed with my trusty digital camera and a tripod, I took the pics myself. I must say it's been an experience and I love being in control of every aspect of it.


Firstly, the link to the highlights: Shutterfly

Password- view


Here's the breakdown of tools needed and cost:



Day rate for swanky hotel room (a cheap hotel won't work hehe), Opus Hotel in Vancouver, highly recommended- $150

Tripod- $20

Pikto.ca photobook (8x11 leather bound, metallic red embossing on cover, 28 matte pages full-bleed, vellum leafs on first and last pages)- $110

Lingerie and accessories (Frederick's, peacockandstrutt.com), because you can't wear ones he's seen before- $200

Hair and makeup- Free!


Let me know if this is something you're considering and I'll be glad to help with questions!

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wow amazing! you did an awesome job and they turned out really well :) inspiring....!!!

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