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We ordered our wedding bands today! Woohoo!

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After agonizing over this decision for over a month, we finally decided on our wedding bands and they are officially ordered. Now, they take 4-6 weeks to get here, so let's just hope it's closer to the 4 rather than the 6 or they won't get here on time. Yikes! I can't believe the wedding is this close, I'm kinda freaking out about all this last-minute stuff today...deep breaths...

Anyway, here they are! Mine matches my ering (Tacori platinum), except the diamonds and tooling only go halfway around my ering- I got the eternity band wedding ring. This was what we couldn't decide on, but I want to wear the wedding band separate sometimes and don't want them fastened together and didn't want to worry about the band spinning.

Jeff's is also Tacori, but in 18K gold.


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

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Sarah - I love them!!! Your ring is beautiful! I love the flat shape of your FI too - that's what we want but in white gold for him.


I dragged my FI out yesterday (we were both not feeling too great from St Patricks) and we drove an hour to this ring place where my friend got her bands. I was stupid and should have called ahead, but it turned out they are closed on Sundays!! Aaah. Now I have to put it off another week and make him go shopping next weekend.

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