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OMG! Our town is in shock & no one wants to go outside!!!

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This is an article about the horriffic and brutal murder that happend in our town right by my cousins house. The town is in shock, and disbelief. This is not something that we would have expected to happen, and worst of all, it happened about 4:30 pm on a path commonly used by many. The two boys that witnessed it while on the path ran to call for help, but it was to late! What is this world coming too? I will not be going for walks with my kids alone anymore, as daytime is no longer safe. If I go for a walk, Larry will be with us, as I don't even trust these messed up individuals to stay away from 2 females walking with kids!!! I am totally freaking out. My daughter ran off to hide in front of the house when we got home, and I freaked on her to get back and stay in my sight! She of course got upset, but I started talking to her about going with anyone, whether they are strangers or someone she knows without me or Larry saying it is ok. She is only 3 and I don't think she really gets it, but I am not waiting until it is too late!!! Eventually she will get it.





Small Alberta town reels with slaying of pastor's daughter


Elise Stolte

Canwest News Service




Sunday, September 28, 2008



Edson, Alta. - Tears stained the hymn books Sunday at a Baptist church in this town 200 kilometres west of Edmonton as members of the congregation - if not the entire town - tried to come to terms with the murder of Pastor Terry Stauffer's 14-year-old daughter, Emily, the previous day.


"Brothers in Christ, these are very deep waters," said parishioner Roy Ferguson, his voice shaking as he read from the Psalms, then led the group in prayer.


The popular teenager was attacked and killed while on a trail in a wooded area just a few blocks away.


The Stauffers came to Edson more than 10 years ago and many church members remember Emily as a child with pigtails.


More recently, the tall, blond teen would have been at the front of the church singing with the worship team or playing the piano, said Brian Thebeau, who taught Emily in Sunday school.


"She was a beautiful singer, an accomplished pianist. Just a real sweetheart," he said. "Probably everything you would think of for a pastor's daughter."


Meanwhile, RCMP officers were scouring a square kilometre looking for a suspect described as a Caucasian man about 30 years old with brown hair, wearing blue jeans and a blue jacket.


Two boys riding their bikes on the dirt trails were the first to spot the attack at about 4:45 p.m. on Saturday.


They fled to a nearby house to call for help. A woman called 911 but it was too late, Emily was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Authorities are waiting for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.


North of Edson, the footpaths are winding and surrounded by dense bush. People use them for jogging or as the quickest way into town.


"I go back there all the time," said Sarah Zarowny, 16. She heard about the attack Saturday evening when her grandmother called her, panicking, just to make sure she was safe.


"It freaks me out," said Nicole Krebs, who lives and jogs in the area regularly. "How many times have we been there by ourselves?"



Edson is a community of about 8,000. It still has a small-town feel but in recent years the oil and gas industry has brought many transients, residents say.


Mayor Greg Pasychny said the town has a shadow population of about 2,000 people housed in hotels for oil and gas jobs. But most of the crime stemming from the boom in temporary residents has been theft from vehicles, he said.


"This has definitely sent a shock wave through our community," he said.


Emily left behind her parents, Terry and Juanita, as well as an older brother and two younger sisters.


In a recently created profile on a Christian website, she described herself as "a follower of Christ, a goofball, and a bad listener - who tries."


Edmonton Journal

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That is horrible. Why are people so cruel. She was just a child. Please talk to your children about things and keep them safe. Just be aware of your surroundings at all times.

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OMG. That is so horrible and scary. I think I would be keeping myself LOCKED indoors for awhile... which sucks because we shouldn't let these psychos run our lives, but still... it's so scary!!!!!


In our town recently there has been a group of kids (supposed gang members) who have been out robbing people at gunpoint in the middle of the freaking day. This creeps me out. I have avoided going anywhere in my town lately, especially with Aiden.



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