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Prayers Please.

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I feel soooo tired, angry, sad, frustrated, and scared. Let's start with why I'm soooo tired. DF got all his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and between taking care of him, sending wedding stuff to be looked over to my Mom, and just not feeling well I didn't go to bed until 10:30 AM and I had to push myself to fall asleep!!


DF wakes me up and says I got tons of missed calls. (Phone was in another room while it charged there last night. I regret that!!) I check the voice mails first then I see I have 4 missed calls from my Mom. (WTF!?) I call her and ask her what's wrong, I mean why on Earth would you call me 4 times?? She picks up and tells me she was calling everyone in my family trying to get my Cousin's number. (We'll call him V. V lives with his Mom who's my Great Aunt, also lives with my Great Grandma, and his brother who we will call D, and his sister who we can call S.) Anyways, my Mom went to visit my Great Grandma there today and no one answered the door. She immediately got scared thinking no one was home and something happened to Great Grandma and she may be stuck in the house by herself. So my Mom goes through the back yard, which was open. (It's NEVER left open) and then she looks through the back door into the BURNT DOWN KITCHEN. She gets scared, where is our family?! My Mom goes to a neighbor's house and asks if they knew what happened. Apparently the house was on fire (starting from the kitchen I believe) and an ambulance ended up taking cousin D to the ER because of the smoke. We're assuming he was trying to take out the fire in the kitchen and inhaled too much. (Because he's the male dominating figure in the home, but maybe because his room is right there next to the kitchen he may have inhaled through that.) I'm hoping my frail Great Grandma is okay. She's in really bad condition as it is. Anyways, my Mom was trying to call everyone to get SOMEONE's number because the number she had was disconnected. Took her forever (everyone's still at work) but she finally got ahold of someone. Apparently everyone is in a hotel except my Great Grandma and Great Aunt who are taking shelter at a friend's home. My Mom is headed there now probably extending our home to them, to handle the legal work because of the fire, and taking care of Great Grandma.


I'm so frustrated. I'm sure this was a mistake (the fire) but what happened?! They (that family household) are so irresponsible!! (that's a WHOLE new thread) I just get angry because they treat me like crap and my Mom like crap but they try so hard to use us. (Everyone except my Great Grandma who just looooves my Mom!!) My Great Aunt has told my Mom my Mom has to buy a house for my Great Aunt to live in because she's older. And when my Mom said no my Great Aunt told her kids to all treat my Mom and me like crap. My Mom even co-signed for her son D's brand new car and later finding out he lost his job!! (I told her not to sign!!) He even got into a huge accident in the car. It's just a lot of crap that frurstates me. I know we don't get a long great with that side of the family but come on, if it's something huge like a fire CALL US. If anything happened to ANY of them, we all know my Mom would have to do all the arrangements and right know my Mom is the one going over there to pick up the peices. I was so worried for my Great Grandma who just merely months ago was crawling on her hands and knees to get by because she refused to use a wheelchair. My family there has ONE person working as a waitress and the rest are all just living off welfare. Abusing the damn system. They all can work, they just are too lazy!! So many is tight for them but they don't seem to care. Why?? Because my Mom will always be here to bail them out.




My Mom is just the nicest person ever, and I hate that they use and abuse her, then abandon her and ostracize her from the family, all while knowing they're going to be okay no matter what happens and how bad they treat my Mom because in the end, my Mom will still always be there in the end to save them over and over again.


Please pray for my family and hope everyone is okay and that this all gets resolved and they can pick up their lives again. This whole situation just makes a mixed basket case of emotions. I'm thankful no one's dead, and I hope my cousin's okay in the hospital and suffered from no burns I hope. But *%$#@*!#%$@%!! I'm so frustrated this has happened. And I feel bad that I feel this way, but I just can't help it. I feel like such a bad person.


And to make matters worst their dog of 15 years just had died last month. And again, I feel bad the dog died, but I feel worst that he lived the past 8 years in hell. They kicked him out the house and rarely feed him. And when they did, it was human food. He was sick for the past 7 years and nothing was done about it. But none the less, the loss of their dog really effected them as a family. Now this fire is just topping off the damn cake.

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Wow, I really hope your cousin is okay and that you figure out exactly what happened. You'll definitely have to keep us posted. And as for them treating your mom like crap, that SUCKS. It happens way too often, and it's not fair.



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I'm sorry trphywife that this is happened. I hope everyone is okay. On a sidenote, when it rains it pours doesn't it, that seems to be the trend that I find on threads on here lately. Everyone has a dysfunctional family by the way, you are NOT alone!

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Holy cow... your family is in my thoughts. Your mom is so admirable to look past the meaness she has received and still help out the family because they are family. I can see how it is frustrating to see them take advantage of her kindness though. Hang in there and get some rest :)

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