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Elizabeth Medina

Mind if I share? BDW member Sarah and Kevin, wedding and trash the dress silideshows

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Aaww...Thank you all so much for looking and commenting! Sarah, you crack me up! I have never heard anyone explaining that they look so good because they got three hours sleep in their makeup! Even as gorgeous a couple as Sarah and Kevin are (and really how can anyone look that ridiculously good at 6AM, I personally am not buying the day old make up explanation!) I think it is the inner beauty, happiness and love that shines through in the photographs. love.giflove.giflove.gif


Fannie (Royfa) I can't believe its finally almost here! thewave.gif Jaime, smile159.gif It will be sooner than we think!

Amazing pictures makes me feel like I was there./QUOTE]


JKCZ, that is something I just love to hear, it really motivates me because I feel like wedding photographs can be a start to a family's history and tell the story of the wedding to the bride and groom (it passes SO quickly) and to the people who were there, but also those who couldn't make it..even future generations! embarrest.gif I know that must sound really corny.


thanks again for looking!

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In my opinion, Elizabeth Medina is one of the best wedding photographers in this part of the world ( I also love Del Sol Photography). Absolutely beautiful work Elizabeth. Any wedding couple would be so fortunate to have you!



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