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Change of Wedding date! YIKES!

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Hi Everyone!


So after much going back and forth as well as arguments with family, FI and I are getting married on May 31, 2007 at the Excellence. We orginally planned for FEB 2008 but I am not one that likes to plan something one year in advance, timing of AHR as well as other issues and every month had some issue that required us to say let's just do it this May! It is crazy that I was planning on getting married next year and now I am getting married in less than 3 months! So I really gotta put the pedddle to the metal muscle.gif

I have booked the date with the WC so this is it! At least the AHR won't be until late June/July so I can concentrate on Mexico wedding stuff first. I hope I do not turn into a crazy bride to be from now until then.



PS. I am going to need you girls more than eversmile03.gif

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Dang - I was thinking this offer was for April or May - looks like I was wrong. Honestly, you could try asking any of the photographers on this forum that you like if they're available - it can't hurt to ask! And I know Leigh Miller has been able to refer some people to other photographers when she wasn't able to shoot the wedding herself.



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