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Economic Bail-Out

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Originally Posted by LC_Rachel View Post
Birk for President!



I second the nomination!

Geez, I could kiss that guy! (I'm sure FI wouldn't mind if we each got all that money... right??! HAHAHHA)

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Doh! Ok so I sent this out and 2 of my mathematically inclined friends just totally ruined my fantasy of being able to pay off the wedding and live in economic bliss... wink.gif


Except for the fact that the math is a wee bit off


$85,000,000,000 in AIG bailout cash divided by 200,000,000 bon-a-fide

U.S. Citizens who are 18+ = $425.00 per bon-a-fide


Taxed at 30% = $127.50


Remainder = $297.50


What would I do with my vast fortune of $297.50, you ask?


Buy exactly one Starbucks venti triple pump mocha-chino caramel double

whip frappe (which I think costs $297.50) to cry into while I watch the

value my 401K, Roth IRA and any stocks I have undergo "shrinkage" more

extreme than anything George experienced in "The Hamptons" episode of



All in fun,




P.S. I would consider pooling my "fortune" with others, so as to buy

enough C4 to blow up Treasury Secretary Henry "Oversight? We don' need

no stinkin' oversight" Paulson.

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Glad you guys caught the error.


I was just posting to say that this guy was as bad at math as I am!


Thank goodness for calculators!

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The whole equation was wrong from the start. The bailout is for about 700,000,000,000 dollars. Divide that by 200,000,000 and you get 3,500 each.


Still not bad, but not enough to make a windfall of a difference.


Has anyone else seen an AIG commercial since this whole debacle started and gotten really pissed?


So, they still want us to buy insurance and whatnot through them even though they are in the shitter. Lets take it a step further.


-My paycheck is taxed.

-AIG wants some of my post-tax income for their failing product.

-While they still get some of my tax money from Uncle Sam.

-So, whether or not I buy their shitty product, they are getting my money regardless

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