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Anyone else excited for Grey's Anatomy tonight?!

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#61 Hartyt509

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    Posted 16 January 2009 - 10:12 AM

    Originally Posted by LC_Rachel
    haha- do you really want to know? I totally thought that at the end of season 4 too.

    Don't read past here if you didn't really want to know:

    No, he doesn't die.
    Of course I wanted to know lmao I'm such a pain i read stuff on the abc website cause i can't wait until it hits the UK lol

    Thank fook for that cause i think i'd have to stop watching lol

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      Posted 16 January 2009 - 10:19 AM

      Originally Posted by JessicaM
      Okay yes the Denny and Izzy thing is so weird to me!! I forgot that George is going off the show, wonder how they are going to do that!

      Apparently they are just phasing him out. He gets NO screen time anymore! It's almost like he is going to fade into the background. I hope they have him move to a different hospital or something. I don't want him to die in some kind of tragic accident or something.

      OK, the Denny thing is getting wierd, wierder than normal. After last night, I don't what will happen. Is he going to start stalking Alex?

      That scene with McArmy was so touching! I wanted to just hug him.

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