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We Found Our New House!!!!

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Our house won't be officially listed for another week, but we narrowed down our choices to 2 of the homes we want to buy - and have picked our favorite - complete with a pending contingency. So, we just have to keep our fingers crossed that no one comes in with a firm offer on it and that our house sells within 90-days so we don't lose it.


I know, all this in the face of the current economy - but if our house doesn't sell, we are fine with expanding it. But we (I) hope it does. Tom's had the house for about 10-years and already done one fantastic renovation, but I really want a home of our own to start our family.


In any case, without any further ado, here's the link to the home we are hoping to snatch up:


Single Family Home - 165 River Falls Dr, Duncan, SC, 29334 - Realtor.com

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Originally Posted by starchild View Post
Tami that is absolutely beautiful!! And a pool too? The yard is amazing. I love it!!!!
Thanks! We just love it! DH wanted a pool but I didn't care either way since it's in a country club and there is a community pool. I love the yard too! And it has a 2-car garage and workshop .... which we could transform into a wine cellar or gardening area.

Pus room on the lot to build a guest house, which we really want (lol, separate accomodations for both sets of in-laws...)

But after watching the President tonight, it's very scary. Who knows if we can still get the loan and rate we've been approved for. Luckily, our current home is in a sought after area of downtown, and people stop and ask if your house is for sale on a regular basis if its already renovated ... so we have a huge plus going for us in that sense. But, who knows? gggrrrr...

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