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Bridal Shower

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Hey girls, I am having my bridal shower tommorow. I am very excited, but kind of nervous!!! I hate when all the attention is on me!!! I am kind of scared to open presents and have everyone watching. Wow it just seems so weird how fast everything is happening, its becomming very real now!!!!

Just wanted to share!blush2.gif


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I thought I would be a nervous wreck at my shower - I don't like being the centre of attention either, but it turned out OK. I found so many people got bored after me opening the 5 gifts that they didn't pay attention anyway LOL

You'll be fine, and you'll have so much fun :)

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I'm glad you had fun, too. I'm the same way...when they threw me a shower for my son (I'm a single mom...for three more months), I was very nervous and uncomfortable being the center of attention.

That being said, my FH's sister wants to throw me a party and it sounds like a complete blast...sushi and drinks for the ladies, and then the men show up and it turns into a party with more snacks and booze. I would enjoy that, I think.

My question is this: I want to invite people who aren't invited to the wedding (because I know they couldn't make it, work/kid/money constraints) just to celebrate with them. But isn't that entirely gauche? I'm thinking it is.

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