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Iberostar Tucan

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I e- mailed a few people from trip advisor and they really loved their wedding. So hopefully it will go well! I wish I could see it before! The coordinator that was there quit after 4 years and her assistant took over- there is one review on how great she was. They are very responsive if you e- mail them.

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Hmmm, well my TA said one of the reasons she loves this place is specifically for the beautiful beach.


I haven't looked on Trip Adviser in a month or so but last I saw all of the reviews were great.


Just to double check, you are talking about the Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal right?


If all else fails, I will let y'all know in about a month!!! wink.gif

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I've been to this resort a few times.

The first time I went was for a girlfriend's wedding, and it was lovely. They had it in the middle of the resort, in a junglelike setting. Then we all had champagne and drinks from a nearby bar, and then went to the dinner in the Mexican restaurant. Afterwards they had the disco rented out, but I didn't make it that far.

She loved her wedding but said the photographer at the resort is not all that great.

The beach there is great and it's a very beautiful spot. The only thing I don't like about the Iberostar is how touristy and crowded it is. But the FH loves exactly that, so different strokes for different folks, I guess.

I do like its proximity to Playa. I especially like going for runs down that road that leads into Playa, and then running back and jumping in the pool. So much fun! Or riding bikes into town for lunch.

If you decide to have your wedding here, it will be great.

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Thanks for the review Laura! Especially about the photographer. That is one thing I want to discuss with them while I'm down there - their policy on outside vendors because (if we have the money) we'd love to fly out one of the ones from these boards.

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