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Samuel Lynne Galleries - My fav write-up so far! (btw, I'm mentioned in the article)

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Originally Posted by Amarillis View Post

I love that you are so proud of your dad!

And it is so cute that the gallery is named in your honour!
Yeah, it's pretty incredible. And my Mom's name was Lynne so it has extra special sentiments for me. I will also pass that name down if we have a girl someday... angel2.gif

I really am so proud of my Dad. He is just an amazing man. He's been through so much in his life, and raised me since I was 5 as a single Dad. He gave up everything about 4 years ago to go for his ultimate dream and I am so incredibly happy (beyond words) and proud of him that he's reaching it! He's a true inspiration... love.gif

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