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Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda Brides post here

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#21 Nurse2005

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    Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:16 AM

    We are getting married there and the info I have gotten so far is that the Seaside Sweethearts $1700 package includes 25 adults...not sure aout the others as this is the one we are going with. The cost is $10 pp over that. Not sure about price list for some of the stuff. The white chair covers are included, I asked about bows...we are just bringing our own and they will put them on. The $2500 package includes a cocktail hour with a few appetizers. And yes you can have an outside photographer just have to pay the day pass fee which is $80. Hope this helps a bit. The are terrible about responding to email so I just call whenever I have a question and have had no problems. I call sometimes once a week if I have something I am wondering about. Check out their pakages on the website, gives the details of whats included.

    #22 Dee83

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      Posted 03 February 2009 - 12:50 PM

      I have been trying to get in contact with the wedding coordinator at the BBGE and have not gotten a response. Can anyone give me the direct number or email for the wedding coordinator that would be greatly appreciated.

      #23 Nurse2005

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        Posted 03 February 2009 - 01:55 PM

        The number is 011 52 984 877 4500 ext 4527. And the email is
        grupos1.bbge@bluebayresorts.com I NEVER got email repsonses though. Before we had the wedding booked I had sent emails and no response for 5 weeks, finally started calling then got everything booked and I only call now I don't bother emailing.

        #24 missdanelle

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          Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:02 PM

          This sounds like a really nice place and im tempted to pick it but it sounds really annoying about the wedding coordinator. That would be a huge distraction when trying to plan!

          #25 bclrgrl

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            Posted 03 February 2009 - 05:43 PM

            I will tell you its REALLY annoying, so far I have not heard back from her once, email or calling. I finally tracked her down yesterday to find out, she has no idea about our wedding?? Today I sent her all my payment info etc, and left her a message. I have not heard back if she even got it. Once I know she has our money and we are booked, I can deal with the rest, but I tell ya, its stressful!

            #26 missdanelle

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              Posted 03 February 2009 - 05:45 PM

              Yikes; I'm really sorry! That does not sound fun at all! Someones gotta tell them something because its potentially costing them alot of business!

              #27 Jojo

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                Posted 04 February 2009 - 01:37 AM

                Nurse 2005,

                I called Candy today and after a few tries, I talked to her. I ask how many ppl are the packages for and she said 20, over that it's $10 pp. Also asked about brining in outside photographer and she said it cost $100 to bring one in. I'm abit worried about the inconsistency in pricing info.

                One other thing, she mentioned that to have a private reception for $25pp, we have to have at least 50 ppl. If we have under 50 ppl, we would have to pay $25 for 50 ppl regardless. Did anyone else get this info from Candy?


                #28 JohnnyB

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                  Posted 04 February 2009 - 12:34 PM

                  pribrzl, we are dealing with Candy and she was very tough getting a hold of her. We booked our wedding date a little over 2 weeks ago and we have not bothered trying to get a hold of her.

                  Jojo, we had the exact same quote from Candy and extra 25 person and a min of 50 persons.

                  Candy sent us a document with FAQ's and extra costs. I will look for the document and post once I find it.


                  #29 bclrgrl

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                    Posted 04 February 2009 - 01:43 PM

                    Those forms you have would be wonderful... I'm just trying to get confirmation that we have our date. Having that extra info would be wonderful! Also any other tips that pop up along the way would be great! :)

                    #30 Nurse2005

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                      Posted 04 February 2009 - 06:59 PM

                      I guess I am trying not to worry to much..I just hope it all turns out. The inconsitency is a little worrisome. I guess I just assumed the poor communication was normal for Mexico but maybe not, maybe other resorts are alot more on top of things. Here is a review I got from someone on another site that was just married there in January. It made me feel like everything will turn out:

                      "The Minister was totally easy to understand, no noted accent at all.
                      We had the $2500 package I think it was "an affair to remember".
                      I think it was well worth the money.
                      We had the rose petal turn down every night, the dinner on the beach was nice etc. more than enough food in your room and alcohol etc.
                      The biggest thing is..the Be+ service. This means you get Roger, your personal concierge. you can book your restaurants a week in advance (most people can only book the day ahead) and with 50 people, you will need it. we had 26 and it was hard.
                      You also get access to the private beach area to the left of the steakhouse. which has private bar etc. This is where we all headed after dinner. theres a bartender, and a dance floor (it's a little weathered but you can rent a new one for $100) and it worked out great. we had our own Bose system and ipod to play music and it was more than enough.

                      Overall, It went well, We've been to Mexico 6 times before so we knew what to expect, but we had never done all inclusive in mexico, only Dominican.
                      All in all, the food, for an all inclusive was good. different variety, and it all didnt taste the exact same like most buffets.
                      I had a hard time getting emails responded to before I got there, but quickly realized when I got there, that it's not that Candy (wedding planner) didnt care, it was just that she was absolutely swamped (4-7 weddings a week) and they just do work at a slower pace and I tend to forget.
                      Before you get there, send the Concierge an email - concierge.esmeralda@bluebayresorts.com and requesting buildings 1, 2, 3 or 5. they are closer to the beach. the buildings 6,7,8 are quite a walk to the beach. They are close to the main lobby though.
                      The staff in general are very good. the odd one is a little ignorant, but you find that anywhere. a little bit of tipping goes a long way though.
                      The front desk/reception is pretty good. The one major thing is you HAVE to ask, and be very certain about what you want with them, or they will give you the minimum that they have.
                      I told them where my family would be staying and that they would not be put in the back buildings etc. or they will just stick

                      The Spa, were rude and ignorant at the front desk, and need an ass kicking sometimes. but the actual workers IN the spa, are wonderful.
                      The ceremony was nice, it was a little long (30 mins or so).
                      There was a few things the communication on wasnt clear and we didnt get what we wanted, but that was our fault for not really clarifying.
                      We had the dinner at the steakhouse, which was really good. they gave us an option of picking ONE type of meal for everyone, or two or three types, but we had to know exactly what everyone wanted a few days before.
                      We chose to pick one meal just for our own sanity.
                      The cake was ok. the inside was banana, tasted good, with white fondant. they didnt understand my concept of flowers "cascading down the tiers" but it was ok. It's only a cake."

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