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Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda Brides post here

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#211 finzup

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    Posted 30 August 2009 - 07:03 PM

    FI and I stayed at the blue bay esmeralda in July 2008 and here's a mini -review if anyone 's interested

    - drinks - watered down, not that great. only one kind of draft beer. tips helped with the strength of the drinks. The swing bar outside of the pool was a fun place to chill.
    - food - so-so. I have been to other better AI's. The a la cartes were decent (we liked the Mexican one the best). Steakhouse and french were "just ok". Buffets offered a good selection. Fruit and salad items were always fresh and delicious. The buffet had a theme each night and were pretty good. The hamburgers at the grill @ the pool were inedible.
    - pool - -absolutely fantastic. lots of activities, we could always find chairs. Poolside drink service was sometimes very slow (we did tip each time)
    - rooms - The rooms were top notch. Air conditioning worked perfectly. We did have a problem where our neighbors ceiling fan remote could control ours though and we couldn't seem to change the rf channel on it.
    - property - spread out, very large. It was nice to walk from place to place but they had a shuttle if you didn't feel like walking. Some mosquitoes due to the grassy/wet areas but not that bad if you wore bug spray.
    - staff - everyone we encountered was really nice and accommodating.
    - beach - sad to say the beach was very disappointing. I had read on tripadvisor that the beach was not that great so I was prepared. The beach was a little rocky and there was a lot of seaweed in the water. They did comb it everyday but of course that doesn't get everything. We didn't spend much time at the beach. IMHO there are better beaches on the Mayan Riviera ...
    spa -- really nice - beautiful facility.

    All in all it's a nice resort with friendly people. The property was super clean and very beautiful.

    Have you met Alice?

    #212 mexicana bride

    mexicana bride
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      Posted 30 August 2009 - 09:58 PM

      Originally Posted by Arcticpinkprincess
      Hi Everyone,
      My FI and I are thinking this may be the resort for us. If anyone has any package info/pics it would really helpful.

      Thanks, Ashley
      Just contact the resort and ask them for the wedding packages, as they have changed since most of us got them (I think in Feb '09 they changed). You can PM me if you have any questions.

      #213 Jojo

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        Posted 20 October 2009 - 12:32 PM

        Hi Ladies,

        It's been awhile since I've been on this forum...been busy with work and moving.

        It's a little more than a couple weeks away for me. Didn't want to count the exact days so that I don't freak myself out...hahaha...

        I'm currently working with Candy on reception venues. We're not doing a private reception to cut cost. Also working on flower, cake and menu details.

        Just wanted to say HI.

        Mexicana Bride, I'm so happy that your wedding is so close to mine...feel less alone somehow :-)

        #214 rainmaker002

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          Posted 03 November 2009 - 08:13 PM

          Hi Jojo,

          Please keep us posted. My fiance and I will be getting married there at the end of January and so far the only time Candy has responded has been when money was owed. We assume that as things get closer she'll start communicating with us.


          #215 Arcticpinkprincess

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            Posted 24 November 2009 - 05:38 PM

            Hey Ladies!!

            I'm going to be getting married at the BBGE on Feb.5, 2010. We are so very excited!!
            I have also found that Candy is not all that great at responding to email. I sent her one about a month ago and no response yet.
            Also it would be great if anyone has pictures of the different reception options. We are trying to find an outside location by/on the beach or an open air location.
            Does anyone know if there is a larger package description available with more details for meal options, cakes, flowers, cocktail hour, etc. This was also a question I asked Candy, but no answer.

            Any info would be wonderful at this point.
            You can contact me by email at abillingsley28@gmail.com or PM me.

            Thanks so very much Ladies,

            #216 liverluv

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              Posted 24 November 2009 - 09:31 PM

              I'm getting ready to book my wedding at BBGE. Would love if anyone who has already had theirs there would email me about how it went! Have tons of questions....

              Where your reception was?
              What you think the best place to have the reception is?
              Which buildings do you recommend for the guests to stay in?
              What pointers do you suggest for me?
              Anything I need to watch out for?
              What did you do for entertainment/music?
              What time do you think is best for the ceremony?

              Please, send me your input!!

              Thanks ladies!!



              #217 aliceo

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                Posted 10 January 2010 - 03:18 PM

                Any more reviews of this resort??

                #218 michp

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                  Posted 14 January 2010 - 11:03 PM

                  I just returned from the BBGE. We were there for my sisters wedding but she ended up having it all offsite at Marina Maroma.
                  The resort was very nice, well kept, friendly staff. The food at the a la cartes was very good. Although not full they made making reservations for the a la cartes a bit difficult but we managed. There were 2 weddings while we were there. One had the ceremony on the beach in a little secluded area in front of the beach front restaurant where they serve buffet breakfast and lunch and since they were a small group i think they just had dinner in a restaurant. The setup looked nice. The other wedding got rain all day so the ceremony was in the lounge area that is just outside the french and italian restaurant which is very nice! They had a private dinner in the italian restaurant and then made use of the lounge while the dj was playing.

                  re: bldgs to stay in we liked staying in the bldgs near the beach. we spend our days on the beach so it was nice to be close to the beach, pool, buffet breakfast and lunch. We didnt mind the walk just at night to the restaurants and sports bar. So any bldg 3-4-5 are good to stay in if that is what you would want. i would not wanted to have been in the bldgs near the lobby.... too far from the beach.

                  The waiter service by the pool and on the beach was great. kinda made up for no swing bar:)
                  They didnt have the beach party every night but the night they had it is was fun!

                  The italian or mexican restaurants are the best for private receptions as the french/oriental one has tall long tables and a tepanaki table so layout is a bit different.

                  The spa was nice.. i had a prenatal massage the day it rained and it was very good!

                  Overall we enjoyed our stay... the weather could have been better as it was cold at night and not warm enough to go in the water by day

                  #219 cdt_seattle

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                    Posted 20 January 2010 - 04:37 PM

                    Hi All,

                    Just got back from the BBGE, wedding date Sat. Jan 9th. Amazing! It rained so we had it at the backup spot outside the lounge bar between the Italian & Mexican restaurants. We paid the $1500 to book the Italian restaurant private for the night and we had our band setup there as well. The location was great because in between the ceremony and reception guests chilled at the lounge bar with drink service at the bar.

                    I can answer any specific questions folks may have - just reply to this.


                    #220 aliceo

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                      Posted 21 January 2010 - 01:22 PM

                      Hi Ladies!

                      Good to hear you had a nice time! After a long search, I finally decided on the BBGE.

                      I have a few q's!
                      How was the beach/water? I heard it is quite cloudy, and not good to swim in?
                      Is there a place to do the ceremony in the garden?
                      Where the rooms nice? renovated, clean, good room service etc?



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