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Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda Brides post here

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Thanks for posting that review here. I have communicated with a couple of WC's and more extensively with the Grand Palladium WC. The GP WC was very quick to reply and very consistent with pricing.


Anyway, I'm encouraged to here that the Bride's wedding went well.

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Hi JoJo...here is another review I had from someone on the other forum, she was married in November:


"Just married last Saturday at the BBGE. It was spectacular. We only planned with Candy - the sweetest wedding planner on earth - for 2 hours upon arrival day. After that we enjoyed our stay and she would find us on the property with simple questions.


We had 50 guests and chose the Affair to Remember package. The ceremony was on the beach and lasts around 20 minutes. Then the carts drove people to the lounge where we had a one hour cocktail party - the appetizers where wonderful. I was able to try them by stealing them off of people's plates as we were taking pictures. The on-site photographer is ok, but it would be better if you can get a good deal by bringing a photographer along wiht you. It takes too much time picking pictures before you leave.


The reception was held at the Italian restaurant. A section of the restaurant was reserved for us and it was wonderful. Good food. The cake was pretty and tasted good. We chose a variation of their cake options.


After that we added a beach party to the festivities. We hired a DJ but forgot to solidify plans for a dance floor - MUCH NEEDED. It was so much fun."

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Thanks for the review. What forum to you go to?


I emailed a couple who got married there and here's their reply....


"We had a great time at our wedding – thanks for your comments! I know you wonâ€t believe it after you read the following but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get married at BBGE. Most of the stress I encountered was because Iâ€m a perfectionist and I organize for a living – and because our wedding party was much larger than anything they could handle if I left it to them. One thing to remember, I was able to make them meet many of my demands because 1) I was bringing them 150 people for about 5-7 nights each, 2) they messed up a lot of stuff and so had to bend over backwards to make things right (much of which I wasnâ€t charged for), and 3) I planned it all and did most of the work myself.


I canâ€t remember everything but here is what I can tell you about BBGE! Ceci originally handled me and then she brought on Candy as we got closer. Both very sweet people but coordinating a wedding as big as mine was way beyond their capabilities. I had to baby-sit them through every detail. Iâ€m sure theyâ€d handle a wedding of 20-30 people okay if you didnâ€t have any requests out of the norm. But I donâ€t do anything normal...


Here are some of the thing BBGE did not help me with although they said they would (if you contact any of these people, please let them know I referred you). I organized:


the photographer (the best person locally is del Sol Photography but Iâ€m glad I didnâ€t book her in time because my photographers were off the charts and I flew them in from Nashville: 100% Original. 100% McLellan Style.). As many times as I asked for the hotels list of photographers, I never got one.


the band. After so many times asking for the bands info, BBGE didnâ€t come up with anything although they said they would. So finally I found my own band locally who ROCKED THE HOUSE and were really great and professional (Iâ€m sure you saw their pictures on our wedding website?). They play in local clubs, restaurants in Playa and are all ex-pats from the USA, Europe. Brad Ryan <bradryan_66@yahoo.com>---984-127-1691 cell.


Violinist or guitarist – BBGE said they could provide (although I thought it was expensive). So I asked to hear the person weâ€d be hiring to make sure they could actually play. Begged for a CD for ages and it never came even though they said it would. Eventually I just used an iPod to play the music we walked down to which worked out fine.


Rooming List: I organized the rooming list exactly how they wanted it as my party wanted most of their swim up suites and to be in the buildings closest to the pool / beach (if you and your guests can afford it, Iâ€d suggest staying there rather than the new building closer to the spa). After months of me collecting all my guests info down to the last detail, I found out they had just been holding my list and not making the reservations so all my guest rooms were completely messed up which I spent the week prior to my wedding fixing. I would suggest getting confirmation #â€s for each guest as you get their info if youâ€re helping with your guests reservations.


Table #â€s and seat assignments: I had to provide table #â€s for each table if I wanted them to look decent. I also provided the seat assignment cards for each couple. I think they said they couldnâ€t deal with that. I also made them buy new table cloths as their choices were really cheezy.


TRANSPORTATION: They promised me that they would organize transpo to and from the airport/hotel at a cost to my guests. I made this huge list (and bugged my guests to get me the info) of all our guests arrival / departure to make BBGE life easier. 2 days before my first guests were arriving at the hotel they dropped the bomb on me saying they canâ€t offer me that service. Again, I think my group was too big and they couldnâ€t figure it out although they said they cancelled their transpo service. So, in two days I researched and found a great company. I gave them my spread sheet and they handled everything beautifully and professionally: Jesus Vazquez and team ( Travel club <mvaldez@cancuntravelclub.com>, <reservations@Cancuntravelclub.com>)


Organized excursions: I thought it would be nice to organize a group excursion for my guests so it would be cheaper for them. Once again, the hotel said they would help organize and they didnâ€t. So I found someone else who did a great job. But I learned that in that type of environment, donâ€t even try organize things for people when theyâ€re on vacation. Let them do their own thing and their own excursions... But there is lots to do. I would suggest swimming in the Cenote near the Coba ruins if you have time. Tons of cenotes (where I organized our wedding pictures), swimming with dolphins, etc.


I had gift bags made in India and sent to the hotel. All they had to do was hand a bag to each guest as they checked in. Couldnâ€t do it. Every day I came to the desk to find out why. Every day I printed them a list of what guests were my guests that were checking in. Still. They didnâ€t do it. Ahhh mexico!


They tried to charge me for my private Friday night roast and toast dinner but I said no. my logic was that all my guests are paying a daily rate which includes food. I wasnâ€t asking for a special menu (as we did on Sat night) but I said it should be private as their Italian restaurant just fit my group of 150 people. I said we could make things worse and all 150 of us show up for dinner or we could make it only open to us with a specific menu of their choice and they could be prepared. They saw the logic and realized their kitchen would walk out if 150 wanted to be served and they werenâ€t ready for it.


I brought in my mood lighting for the night ceremony and had to demand special beach lighting otherwise we would have been married in the dark as they said the one light on top of a palm tree is all they provide free of charge.


They did bring in that lighting after I met with their lighting guy and told him what I wanted and where. They also built a bridge across the pool from the room to the steps that led to the beach so the wedding party could leave from the “bridal suite†to the ceremony on the beach. That was super cool.

If you havenâ€t already seen (there are way too many pictures, I know) but many of our pictures of the ceremony can show you what Iâ€m talking about and how it landed up looking.

The Wedding (click on the various links at the top)"

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Hello All,


Yes, the beach there is an issue. The resort was built in a swamp and they kept part of it as their garden - i've been there and it looks fine, just the water is not that great. Depending of the season, there are a lot of seaweed, but if you walk down from the resort about 10min, it clears up. Another potential issue there is mosquitos (but not just this resort, any of them with a lot of vegetation). Just make sure that you add bug spray on your welcome bags and it should be fine.

Another aspect to consider is the reservation for the a la carte restaurants. Reservation is required and they open the list the morning before, so just make sure your guests know about it. Again, this is an issue in most of the resorts, just have to deal with. I am trying to see if I can coordinate with someone at the concierge desk to make the reservations in advance, a bunch of them and keep it for my guests. Not sure if it's going to fly, but will let everyone know.


As far as the coordinator there, Candy, yes, she is a NIGHTMARE on follow ups. Cecilia is the WC manager, but has also not been so good on getting back. i have Cc her on my last emails to Candy and still have not heard back. I usually call them after my thirs attempt, so you may need to do that as well.


What I mean about having to do the run-around myself is regarding chasing them down for answers and keeping track of a lot of the info myself. Also, she referred me a band that wasn't what we were looking for, so I research myself and found La Mata. My friend that got married there also did a lot of research themselves and said that they would not change the resort, just the WC.

But hey, I am a control freak anyway, so doing the leg work myself for such an important event is fine.


A good source of info in the resort overal is Trip Advisor - there are a lot of reviews, some good, some bad. But you can learn a lot about things to be aware of and try preventing issues ahead of time.


One more thing, make sure you let your guests know that the resort has a kids club, but kids need to be register in advance. As soon as they get there, tell them to do it, as they cannot drop off their kids without being registered first (in case you will be having kids). We are not having kids at the wedding day (except for family) and the resort has babysitting service (about $20/hour).


I am trying to post my pics here but am def. having issues - anyone can tell me how to do it? Will be happy to share some pics of the resort.


Any more questions, let me know.



(God, that was a long post!)

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How is the booking process done with the resort? Do we have to put down a deposit to book a date? Or is the booking info with the travel agent sufficient?

Candy mentioned something about a deposit to book the minister. At other resorts, the couple pay only upon arrival. Booking number is usually sufficient.

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I'm using Vanessa Vargas...totally depends on your budget. I wanted nice photos but didn't want to spend a fortune. I really like her work and have read good reviews about her on this forum and she fit my budget. Her website is Vanessa Vargas Photography the prices are last years on her website, she will email you her 2009 packages though. She responds really quick to questions, usually the same day.

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For booking you have to put down a deposit of 50% of the wedding package you choose, there is a contract you sign and submit all your info...names, birthdates, etc. For booking your date I recomend calling directly, Candy will tell you immediately if it is available (I believe they only do one wedding a day) then you don't have to wait wondering if they got your email or when they might get back to you.

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