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*Official Chat Thread for Biggest Loser Season 4* ~FINAL WINNER POSTED~

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Originally Posted by KLC77 View Post
So, I finally had a loss that I am proud of this round of BL. It wasn't a lot of weight, but I am at my lowest weight ever today! I think its the lowest since I was born. hahaha smile120.gif Now, I am totally kicking myself for not taking a before picture. The only thing I have to show my loss is all my pants that are now too big .

Danielle~ I can't believe your wedding is coming up so fast. You must be so excited!

Morgan~ You are doing awesome avoiding the temptations!
congrats!!!! elefant.gif

I reached a milestone before biggest loser started. my heaviest weight ever. I'm so glad we are doing this :)

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Thanks for the compliments guys, I think she is pretty cute too :)


I did not weigh myself today. My scale's battery's ran out, so I went to two stores trying to find more battery's (they are special ones) and I could not find them anywhere. So, I will have to go to this store that I know has them, its just at the other end of town so I couldn't do it today. So no weigh in for me this week, but there will be one next week for sure.

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Morgan -2.730%!!!


Becksy (Erin) -1.443%
jkcz0702 (Jennifer) -1.347%
TA Jill -1.305%
KLC77 (Kelly) -0.745%
DanielleNDerek -0.730%
Christine -0.618%
jpitts78 (Joanne) -0.548%
NotYourAverageDW (Sabrina) -0.356%
LALA (Kate) -0.271%
mummergirl (Lisa) -0.043%
Christy335 0.000%
SBlake (Sarah) 0.000%
yamille 0.000%
amesharpe (Amy) 0.592%
amyrak (Amy) 0.915%
jrodsgirl (Rosel) 1.868%
Bisha (Sabina) <didn't receive anything>
jessygrl75 (Jessica) <didn't receive anything>
JulieG <didn't receive anything>
Kathie <didn't receive anything>
SgtPepperette (Melissa) <didn't receive anything>

hillary1 <didn't receive anything - 2nd week in a row - DQ>

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Way to go Morgan! I wish I had your strength to resist all the temptations. Congrats to everyone else with a loss! I had an extremely bad week and just ate some strawberry pop tarts. Not off to a great start.

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thanks everyone! although I think I must have been dehydrated or something when i weighed yesterday, because i lost more weight that seems right. I'll see next week if it was a fluke. still I'm feeling very motivated!!


hmm now that i think about it my jeans are feeling loose. I just don't see a weight drop. i think it might be too hard to see it myself. I should probably take another picture to compare to my Before pic.

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