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so.. i'm terribly new at this.


we just decided on a DW. i'm talking a week ago. needless to say, other than what i've learned from my minor addiction to wedding blogs and magazines, i know very little about this whole thing. we know this is what we want to do, but fiance and i had one major issue when deciding to go this route...




i'm sure there have been posts on this previously, but i searched and searched to no avail. my question is, how much can we expect our guests to pay? we are just inviting close friends and family (about 30 people total). are there certain things we are supposed to pay for (accommodations, flight, food)? i obviously don't want my guests to feel stressed about money with the current state of things, but my parents certainly cannot afford to pay for everything for everyone. how much is reasonable to ask people to pay? we definitely want everyone there, but we also don't want to break the bank. we're hoping to actually save money by going the DW route.


any advice, personal experience, guidance... anything... would be incredible.


thank you!!

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I would start with locations. What locations are reasonable to fly to from your home. And then problably think about an AI. That will cover their flight, food and drinks. Also find a resort with a good wedding package. My parents paid for our trip there. FIL's are paying for the flowers. Anything else we are paying for. Our guest are paying $1200 each for 7 days. I hope this helps.

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