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$1 photographer


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I know everyone would love to have the fine arts wedding photographer, but some people simply can't afford it and have to do basic photography.


In my search to get pricing for a photographer, I came across a guy in the Cancun/RM area who is running a limited special.


He will photograph a wedding (if I remember correctly, like a 5 hour/all day timeframe) for just $1. The prints are not included, there are no albums included, so all of those would need to be purchased afterward.


I don't have his name/info with me, but if anyone wants it, let me know and when I get home tonight/tomorrow, I'll PM the info to you...

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Ladies.... PLEASE be VERY careful about this. Usually, if it sounds to good to be true is probably is.


Even though many of you are on a budget, are you willing to risk your wedding photographs over it? These are once in a lifetime memories that will never be able to redone. I've hear married couples say ALL the time(not my clients of course cheesy.gif ) "I wish we would have gone with a different photographer" or " I wish we would have spent more and got a better photographer"


I'd really hate to have that happen to any of you. I know budget is important, but budget wisely and spend your money on what counts most.


As I've said before, the flowers will die, the food will be eaten, the drinks will be drank, but the photos will last generations. Make sure you're going to be happy with them and not be another couple who wishes they wouldn't have been cheap with hiring a photographer.

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Chances are that the cost of prints, albums, etc will add up to about the same cost as a regular package anyway.


It would be like a restaurant advertising free food.........but you have to pay for waiter service, drinks, napkins, silverware rental, etc.


If the photographer is good, it may be worth checking out. But, don't expect to get something for nothing.

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I saw what he had posted on his website and it was somwhere between Aunt Velma traveling with her disposable camera to the wedding and the fine art wedding photography that everyone wants. The photos were clear, there wasn't any over-exposure / under-exposure, neat and crisp... but were they the quality of a $3K-5K photographer? No. But, not everyone can afford to spend as much on a photographer as their whole wedding budget... So hopefully, this will be an option some brides can explore.

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