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laid off? pregnant? divorcing?

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Things happen in 3s so all your shit luck is over lol


FIL will get sorted and there is no point feeling guilty because you would spend all your life feeling guilty about stuff you can't control and you'd go nuts.


Look at the situation with the BM's this way its a shame they won't be there but 2 less to worry about lol

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Things will get better. If it was all bright and shiny all the time, we may take it forgranted.

Although, I do totally relate to your personal plight. I'm planning a destination wedding and I was recently laid off two weeks ago. I've spent a good amount of that time crying to myself because I can't really "help" with the wedding. On the bright side, this has given me a chance to hunker down and get wedding projects done. I don't know how I would get everything done if it weren't for this timely time-off. I'm only 50 days away from the nuptuals.

It will all come together. I promise!

Good luck with your family....and your wedding party!

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