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Engraving on wedding bands

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my ring can't be engraved sad.gif which i'm really sad about. that was going to be our wedding present to each other, surprise ring engraving.


but i'm thinking of a few things - basically personal ways we've said i love you (in weird ways) through out our relationship


i <3 u - always wrote that in the begining

love ewe



i think i'm going to go with "iyau"

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aww those are such cute ideas!! i love the do not remove one.


my FI and i have thought about what we want to do to engrave our rings and we love the idea of taking each others rings to get something done as a surprise for each other :)...i just have no idea what i would write in his...

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We actually went to purchase our wedding bands yesterday and the saleslady asked us about engravings.

On the car ride home we were thinking of what we should put on our rings and we decided on something we call eachother all the time.


SSOML --SunShine Of My Life.


It's something we say to eachother all the time.

We thought that this would totally make it personal to us and our relationship.

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