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spray tan vs tanning bed????

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Originally Posted by becks View Post
I'm going to play devils advocate here...

Technically speaking, there is no evidence that a "base tan" will prevent you from burning, or otherwise protect your skin.

I am the sunscreen queen, and openly encourage everyone to get a very light weight, long sleeve tunic and a cute wide-brimmed hat that you can wear to prevent lines.

A base tan will help hide the lines, but it does not protect your skin.

Okay... I'm getting off the soapbox now.
Just to be clear...
I was not suggesting no sunscreen!!! (I would never!)
But I have found that getting a bit of sun (fake or not!) before you go will help - Your skin will not be as "shocked" to have a bit of heat on it!! Especially if coming from "the dead of winter"!!

Good Luck with the tans everyone (whichever method you choose!)

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I feel so bad going in to a tanning bed but I know I will have to, or else I will look like a vampire or a burnt tomato (after being in the sun)... the more I read about how bad they are I want to kick myself, but If I just do it this one time, maybe it's not too bad... eeek!

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Well, I would never recommend anyone use a tanning bed given all the information out there about skin answer etc..


That being said, I am going to be a complete hypocrite blush2.gif and say that I will most likely hit the tanning bed for a while before my wedding.

It may make no sense scientifically, but if I don't have a 'base tan' I burn like a little tomato. If I do have a 'base tan' then I don't burn. Perhaps its in my head, but I am in DR for 3 days before my wedding and want to enjoy the weather sunburn free with my 50spf on!

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yeah i actually despise tanning places ... last time i went to one was in 1990 before my senior prom ... i am a tad claustrophobic, so the bed kind (closing the coffin lid over top of you) is torture, and even in the standup booths, i feel like i can't breathe and after just a few minutes i have to bust out of there all sweaty and dizzy and about to pass out. clearly, i have issues, LOL. besides, i think tanning beds are gross ... i swear you can smell your skin cooking. ew!


i used to be a sunshine & tanning queen back in the 80s. never used sunblock really and never really burned either. i feel so stupid for it now, with all i know about skin cancer (and the advent of wrinkles on my face)! granted, since the 80s, i've stopped really letting my body see the sun, and when it is a must, i always use sunblock. these days i don't go out in the sun without spf 30 or higher.


i'm hoping that the combo of a base tan AND high spf sunblock will keep me from suffering sunburn in mexico. aside from looking stupid in wedding pictures, it's a real vacation-killer, and unhealthy too.

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