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Its really easy if you have the old version of powerpoint(I dont think its the same in PP 2007, or at least i havent found the option). Here is a print screen to give you an idea. You cannot change every image this way, but this one you can. Make sure you have the original! Ill post a link to that in a moment...

Click the image to open in full size.


Click on that icon and then just pick what color you want it to be.

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Right click on the image and select grouping. then click ungroup. This will seperate out each section. double click on the section adn choose your color from the fill color in the box that pops up (you can out line it or whatever with the other tools in that box). Just remember once it is ungouped, you can move each section arount (which can make it better or mess it up if not careful so save as you go).


good Luck

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