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Hi Everyone! =)

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Wow! What a great site - I'm so happy that I have found it! :)


My name is Michele. I live in CA and my boyfriend of 4.5 years and I just recently got engaged. We want to have an intimate destination wedding and then a reception close to home for all of our friends. We are leaning heavily toward Hawaii - neither of us have ever been there so the near future will consist of much research. We haven't set a date yet but are thinking in a years time - I know ...I better get a move on in the planning department!


I've already learned a lot from the posts I have read and look forward to learning more. Congratulations to all of you on your engagements and I also look forward to hearing your stories!



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Welcome! Congratulations on your engagement!!!

Don't worry, a year is plenty of time to plan a destination wedding. I planned mine in 7 1/2 months! :)

You should look for Alyssa's posts. If you use the Advanced Search function you can type in her user name. She just got married in Hawaii and it's BEAUTIFUL!

Actually... I did the search for you. here are some of her pictures...


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