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FILs are driving me mental


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I could go on for days about everything they do/don't do (lately it's more the don't do that's getting to me...they're so f'in lazy) rant.gif


Anywho, we asked FFIL a few months ago if he could write a speech...nothing spectacular but just something to thank everyone for coming and/or welcome me into the family and whatever (maybe it would be nice if he would thank us for paying for his trip, his outfit, a new bathing suit and apologize for not contributing whatsoever to our wedding rant.gif rant.gif rant.gif )....so after thinking for a few months he emails me with this;


(I'm not even going to fix up his spelling mistakes)


"John & Melissa I love you and i hope that your marage will be secsesfull and

the love you have for each other will continue to grows over the years

as mine did with my wife ."


That's it....in a few months that's all he could come up with huh.gif Maybe I'm expecting too much of him, but seriously....my cockatiel could write a better "speech" rant.gif rant.gif rant.gif

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ROFL... First his writing reminds me of my Dad, maybe have Christine send it back to him with all the spelling errors circled in red.. ROFL...


Some people just don't know how to speak in front of people, or know what to say. My first wedding (when I was 19) For my Dad's speech, he said "I was asked to give a toast for my daughters wedding" and then he handed my and my husband at the time two pieces of toast. That was all he did.. ROFL..


For my sisters wedding I was her MOH, I have such a fear of talking to a large group I got total stage fright and told one of the BM's I couldn't do it and she was forced to stand up with nothing prepared and say something..


So, I guess my point is that he's trying, may not be what you expected. But maybe he will surprise you at the last minute..

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TammyM - it never ends. I was MOH at a good friends wedding. Before the wedding - long before - I talked to her about how I was very uncomfortable speaking in front of everyone and asked her if she minded if I didn't say anything. She totally didn't care - and I didn't think she would, she's not like that and it was totally casual. But the other bridesmaids gave me a hard time when they all said something. Sorry - but not everyone is comfortable with this! I didn't say anything at my first wedding, but my ex did. I freak out!


So don't be too hard on him if it's just that he's not comfortable. If he's just lazy and insensitive - then you can be hard on him! lol

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There are no words. All I can say is your hair is going to look great, as will your makeup and you are going to marry the man you love in beautiful Mexico. His speech will not even matter at that point. Trust me you will be so happy to be in sunshine with the man you love.



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