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#791 1elephant

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    Posted 27 October 2009 - 06:19 PM

    Originally Posted by kimberl07
    We leave Saturday- the time is nearly here- that is unbelievable!

    Rebeca has been super accommodating. I email her nearly every day now with a question or a change. She is quick to respond and always so nice.

    The $1000 is the extra contract fee for having outside vendors; the DJ charge was another $400. It was not cost effective with the resort charge to hire the outside DJ, so we're going with theirs.

    The preparations for the legal ceremony were not too bad. We went to pick up our birth certificates and took them to get the apostille documents at our State building. The company that facilitates the legal ceremony will take care of everything else once we get to MX for the $350 charge. That pays the company and the Judge. They come to pick us up at the resort to get our blood work and watch the required video on marriage. The representative from the company also comes to the wedding and translates in case our Judge doesn't speak English. They also help get the papers processed. It would have been easier to have a legal day before the day, but for many reasons, we couldn't get that arranged. I'll let you know how it all works out.We are going home to Nebraska to visit families over the holidays and will have a private (parents and immediate families only) church wedding.

    We just discovered that we need to come up with a way to let the wait staff know which meal the guests have ordered. Has anyone got a good plan to do this? I am thinking that we may have to color or number code the place cards in some way... not sure... any suggestions?
    i know it's too late, but just as an FYI for others - our place cards were starfish and we used different color ribbons for different meals. the waiters just asked us what we ordered anyway.

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      Posted 03 November 2009 - 12:36 AM

      Greetings all!

      Just a quick update to let you know that our week and wedding at Dreams was absolutely awesome. Ninety guests all said it was the most fun they ever had at a wedding. Don't worry about anything- your wedding there will be wonderful. That's not to say that everything happened according to plans- it didn't, but my best lesson was that it can be great regardless if it doesn't all go as planned!

      The worst thing that happened was that one of our guests fell through a hole in gazebo floor during the reception. She was taken to the hospital and treated nicely, but was laid up for the remainder of her trip.

      Our beach cocktail Welcome event was moved to the ballroom because it looked as if it might rain (it didn't). We had appetizers, cocktails and the Mexican trio in the ballroom where there was AC and comfy chairs- it may have been even better than the beach.

      I had a manicure and pedicure at Toya's in town for $28. Although they did a great job, the polish barely lasted one day- it began peeling because it had been thinned. I wouldn't recommend them unless you ask for new polish.

      We did our legal ceremony and it was fine- they help you through all the details and provide a translator. Our wedding was at 5:15 and the clouds began to roll in, but thankfully it never rained. The waiters were wonderful; although they made a few mistakes on the dinners- no one really cared. Everyone was ready to dance and the dance floor they arranged at Las Palmas was very adequate even though we were at capacity with tables for ninety. We were not crowed at all- so no worries about the size there.

      Our request for the last song was Lee Greenwood's Proud to be an American (it's a tradition among our friends to end with this). The DJ began playing a LeAnn Rimes rendition! That was not going to work; luckily one of our groomsmen had the correct song on his iPod and the DJ played it. Ninety of us stood in a large circle singing "Proud to be an American" while they displayed fireworks on the beach- it was a perfect finish to a great wedding. Although I had stated that I wouldn't do it, more than half of us ended up in the pool afterward - it was just too tempting after all that dancing. It was so much fun!

      I will let you know later how the video and photography turn out- our photographers seemed very good- I'm waiting for the proofs. We used the photographer from the hotel as well as contracted photographers.

      The flowers were good. The bridesmaid bouquets were made large enough to use at the tables during the reception- it looked very pretty. Rebeca provided clear vases filled with Navy colored water and those gel ball things.

      Rebeca is wonderful- she stayed nearby throughout the entire reception. I am leaving table decorations with her for 10 tables- full organza covers and satin runners in navy and aqua. Also 24 aqua tea lights. If those are your colors, perhaps she will have them at the resort for you to use.

      We are now on our honeymoon - three days alone at the Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta- they are giving us a good deal.

      I will let you know more later! Here are some (amateur) photo links provided by one of our guests:

      Snapfish: Share Snapshow:Registration







      saying "I do" on October 30, 2009
      Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
      with 90 family and friends confirmed!

      #793 Jess

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        Posted 03 November 2009 - 01:15 AM

        Kimber I'm glad you are having fun!!! Looks like a blast.

        Thanks for letting me know about Toya's. We are all going there for our nails so I will make sure we all bring polish with us.

        #794 J&MWedding

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          Posted 03 November 2009 - 01:53 AM

          congrats Kimber! that is awesome! love seeing the pics! have fun the rest of your trip!

          My Planning Thread40 people booked plus bride & groom

          #795 racer320

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            Posted 03 November 2009 - 03:34 AM

            joy and i are so happy for you!!!
            enjoy the rest of your stay there in PV!!!
            "Life is Great, and It Only Gets Better!!!...So Bring It On!!!"

            #796 autjo

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              Posted 03 November 2009 - 11:40 AM

              Congrats Kimber! I am so happy you had a great time... and 90 guests?!?! That is so awesome. Enjoy your honeymoon :o)

              #797 KarenM

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                Posted 03 November 2009 - 01:42 PM

                Wow Kimber! Congratulations!! Thanks for posting so quickly! Everything sounded wonderful. Hope you guys are having a fabulous time!

                Quick question - did you bring the fabric to make the canopy for your ceremony or was that part of their decorations? It's beautiful!

                #798 autjo

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                  Posted 03 November 2009 - 04:52 PM

                  Guess what I just realized... It's Jamie's wedding day today!!

                  Jamie I hope you have an awesome wedding and can't wait to see pics :o)

                  #799 KarenM

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                    Posted 03 November 2009 - 05:12 PM

                    Woo Hoo! Congratulations Jamie!! Hope your day is perfect!
                    Good catch Autumn!

                    #800 Jess

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                      Posted 03 November 2009 - 07:29 PM

                      yay congrats Jamie!!!

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