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we have an awesome pic (in my slideshow maybe..) of other guests reading newspapers while we're getting married 20 ft. away - one of our best pics!

apparently jumping in the pool is a trend now wink.gif

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wow...love the concerns...everyone wanting to make their day so special!!!

hope this helps!


first, once you get to dream, i'm sure rebeca will ease all concerns, especially if you get there a few days before "the day".


karen -

we choose the beach in front of oceana, since it's just so picturesque. plus it is somewhat private. if angled right (270 degrees), your pictures will not have the 300lb speedo guy. and we decided that having the cocktail hour by there gets our family and friends close to the "wedding ceremony" area, so that everyone is close for pics while enjoying the cocktail hour...and they can hide from the sun under the umbrella thingies.


jessica -

the oceana beach area is pretty private...the actual restaurant opens i believe 530pm, so there isn't going to be any dinner traffic and dinner on-lookers.


beth -

gazebo vs. oceana beach area...more of a preference. plus the beach area will be more accommodating for our guest numbers. the gazebo is fantastic, and really overlooks the ocean and the beach, but for our numbers, the gazebo isn't quite big enough. plus, joy and i love the idea of getting married bare foot!

and like sarah, reception outside in the tropics is so wonderful!!! almost every meal we had on the property was open air right next to the beach/ocean (seaside cafe, oceana, and the world buffet...portofino is "downstairs" with no windows or views (food and experience excellent)).

and for food choices...when we were in rebeca's office, there's so many options!!! but for now we're leaning on the steak and chicken. but trust me, the mahi mahi is yummy!!!


and as mentioned before, all will be so happy at the resort!!! joy and i just really recommend that all make reservations at the new tower...the older tower is just, well older...plus our room had a/c probs (man, we should have requested a different room after, but just got a little complacent...but still loved everything!!!).


and as a footnote: one of my best friends just spent a week in costa rica...and his wife likes to stay at the 4-5 star locations. and from our conversation, we had that much better of a time! validation for dreams being rated in the top 20 for resorts in mexico.

so yeah for us having our "dream" weddings there!!!



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I recently got the below email from Rebeca about having our reception at Oceana ... it might answer some of your questions.


# How many people can Oceana hold?[Rebeca Gonzalez] up to 110

# For $3,000- does it include anything or is it just for the rental of the space [Rebeca Gonzalez] it is just the rental of the space.

# If we have it at Oceana can we have the cocktails at the gazebo area?[Rebeca Gonzalez] actually we can use the Oceanaâ€s palapa to have the cocktail, this way you do not have your guests going from one place to the other.

# If it rains- is Oceana covered? (we are worried because we are having it in October)[Rebeca Gonzalez] yes it is.

# would we have enough room for a DJ and small area for dancing?[Rebeca Gonzalez] yes

# Can we have a buffet at Oceana?[Rebeca Gonzalez] yes

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was really ordering more of the seafood, and steak orders.

sorry i don't really remember ordering chicken much.

funny, the one that really sticks with me is the clam chowder at oceana...i even ordered 2nd's of chowder AFTER desert!!!

as mentioned before, for the most part, all the options are really tasty, with the desert not being all too spectacular.

order of restaurant choices:

1. oceana

2. and 3. (tie) portofino and seaside

4. world buffet

didn't try el patio

always ask for the recommendations for the staff!

sort of a long answer to a brief question...but the food is so damn good!!!

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I haven't been online over the weekend but I wanted to update on my lack of communication with the WC at Dreams VM. I talked to the salesmanager, Rocio, who was absoultely wonderful and answered all of my questions! I feel a lot less stressed now. The only thing that I haven't gotten resolved is the beach arbor. I asked for a pic of what this includes and he didn't send me a pic but told me it comes with chairs, bows, ceremony table, 2 floral centerpieces and aisle runner....no mention of the arbor!


3 weeks and counting!!!



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