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Sorry ladies, I keep getting in on the PV thread when I am up north at Dreams VM but too new and not enough info....


Should I be concerned that the WC is NOT replying to my emails?!? I have sent her 2 in 2 days and have heard nothing back. We have 4 weeks to go and we haven't settled on the menu for the adults. I haven't gotten a response on the music. No response on the spa reservations. She told me I just pick the flowers when I get there? And she never responded about the beach arbor! I am kinda thinking I should've just gone with Dreams PV since they have been around a long time....but too late now!


Can you tell I am kinda stressinghuh.gif



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Originally Posted by sarahLambert08 View Post
I just have to post this because of what some of your worries are ladies.
I had the Ulitmate Wedding Pkg. w/ 7 nights so yeah, we had the free honeymoon pgkg.
Ill tell you all right now...DON'T WORRY!!! I know it's hard not to, but trust me!
The Spa was Fab!! Even the SWEDISH message, both my husband and I fell asleep!!
The Spa can be a little hard to figure out, because they are a small operation.
THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!! No need to book ur wedding spa pkgs 2 months. I did mine the week before we got there and just stopped in to confirm when we arrived.
Rebecca IS THA BOMB!! She always does whatever you need with a smile!
Actually, Heck...everyone is AWSOME their. Look for tall Victor, the drink guy, he will treat you sooooo good.

I even picked my bouguet 2 DAYS before the ceremony, and it was FINE!! Rebecca has ALL the Puerto Vallarta contacts you good ask for. Now that mine is all set and done, I think the Spa just gets annoyed by Brides that seem so worried, when they will go above and beyond for whatever your need.
I had my hair and makeup done the day of, and it was FAB!!

The only outside things I brought were my chair colored saches and some sea shell stuff for the tables. But for a cost Rebecca will get all that there for you!

Just be for-warned that the only probebly was you get a free video/photog from the resort with that pkg./ but we had hired outside help to cover more of the day, as Dreams had a limit to what they photographed. Now BOTH were AMAZING, but the Dreams crew got in the way a little of our actual hired photog/Video guy.

Also keep in mind the DJ should defently have a song list, he is kinda dated! Hahah
But nice all the same.

YouTube - Dreams Puerto Vallarta Sarah & James Wedding
Sarah thank you so much for such great feedback!! That is really good to know about the free honeymoon package. My TA hasn't gotten back to me yet with her answer. And really good to know about the spa. I just know there can be more than one wedding going on for your day so I didn't know if they would have competing reservations. I guess I could always ask Rebeca if anyone else is getting married that day. Also when you are talking about the pv photographer/videographer we can vote to not have them correct? I am having a private photographer like you did, but I don't really want another photog stepping on his toes. No worries if you don't know! Thanks again for all the great info!!

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we're back!!!

dreams in PV is the RIGHT CHOICE!!!

we met with rebeca for over 2hrs, and i tell you, she is so great to work with!!! the rumors about her we're right! she's WONDERFUL!!!

given the heat, the humidity, and the thunderstorms (typical for this month), we still smiled every minute there!!!

we even showed rebeca this site, and she never realized this was here. so maybe she'll look into us here on this thread, and help to support our wedding experiences!

every location for the ceremony is wonderful!!! and we're choosing to have our ceremony on the beach in front of the oceana restaurant. our cocktail hour is going to be at the beach area right next to oceana...thus everyone can lounge on the beach chairs under the umbrella thingies, and everyone is close for pictures before the dinner begins.

we're leaning for las palmas for the dinner, and may ask rebeca options for what it will cost for the oceana restaurant.

as for the resort...WE WANTED TO STAY!!!

food and drink was wonderful and tasty!!! and you can order as much as you please!!!

we loved that we can order steak and have scallops and shrimp on the side (actually another complete order). this all inclusive thing is wonderful.

there was lots of reservations on the food being too much like a buffet, but far from it. even the buffet was wonderful!!!

service was fantastic. tipping gets you so far. they really appreciate that small bit of generosity.



1. have everyone book the new tower...pay the extra bit, we'll worth it. and your guest will notice the difference if they go for the lesser priced room!we heard they may have a temporary hold for the old tower's remodeling (blame the economy).

2. using the coupons for the spa was wonderful. joy had a scrub and massage, while i did the 80 minute deep tissue. those we 3 items that we used the 3 spa coupons on...yup, use all three for one visit, but only one coupon per item. we saw it as saving $100 over the scrub and 2 massages!

and for the spa to allow you to relax on the balcony overlooking the beach after was too fun...me i stayed more in the jacuzzi after while joy took to the lounge chair. joy remarked her spa experience as heavenly...(coming from a girl who like to get a massage once a month!)

3. rebeca has a ton of pics and examples to choose from. we're going to request a cd from her of all the options so we can better choose. (our date is over a year from now, so our chooses can change before the event).

4. before we booked our "recon" we went over several pricing options...travel agent, online directly with the resort and the airlines, and on travel sites. our best price was Vacation Deals and Travel Specials by BookIt.com®! we saved over $500 compared to a travel agent.

thus we're making sure the invitees are all good with knowing how to book flights/reservations online. but if we find a killer travel agent, comparable in pricing to what we find online (like Vacation Deals and Travel Specials by BookIt.com®), then we may go that route.

5. arriving at the "aeropuerto", make sure to tell everyone to ignore the "timeshare trap" and go directly the booths at the door leading outside that say taxi. we paid $23, but on the way back we paid $15 (which included tip)

6. look to the daily activities...so much to do as part of the in resort activities...scuba 101, kayaking, rock climbing, spanish lessons, etc.

and the kid activities are there too!!!

best one is the turtle release!!! gotta do that!!!

7. food options for everyone...even the picky!!! just let them know, and they'll work to accommodate!!! i even ordered room service every night so that if i woke up, there's my pizza!!! great late night snack or early morning app!

8. if your guests need the adrenaline running, we did the adventure vallarta canopy excursion...TOO MUCH FUN ZIPPING THRU THE JUNGLE!!! guides made us feel safe and made us laugh!!!

but everyday the jet skis were there, along with the parasailer, and small fishing charters.

9. no need for money exchanges...we brought lots and lots of $1 bills. did some math in our head, and everyone took our US dolares!


be warned...my brother-in-law picked us up from the airport, and now he's working on my sister to go do another "recon" mission!!!


from our experience, i know, and i really mean I KNOW that dreams is our place for our wedding!!!

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Merve I'm so glad you had an awesome stay at Dreams!!! It's nice to here from someone who actually stayed there - since when I went a couple weeks ago, it was just a 2 hour trip since we were on a cruise.

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Yay Merve! Thanks so much for your review & for reinforcing all of our decisions to go w/ Dreams!

We're also choosing the beach for our ceremony and want to find the most private area possible, of course not having been there I have no clue. We just want to avoid getting pictures w/ a random guy in a speedo in the background wink.gif What made you guys choose the location by oceana?



Sarah, thanks for alleviating some of our anxieties about the details. What is the honeymoon package? And, maybe you have it posted somewhere, what menu options did you have? We're thinking of a few different things but think we want to offer a choice between the steak/chicken & a mahi-mahi. Just curious what you guys had for app's & dinner & what you/guests thought of it.


thanks guys!

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