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Ladies - I searched the thread for this but did not see anything on it.


What appetizers and entree's did you love for your wedding menu if you already had your wedding?? Which ones would you not recommend?

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okay here is the canape list I was given if this helps on letting us know which is good:


Cocktail Hour Canapés






Smoked Salmon mousse


Cheese with grapes and nuts


Imported Cold Cut canapés


Sea food Tartlets


Choux with Chicken salad





Mini Quiche Loraine


Sausage in blanquettes


Chicken finger


Beef brochette


Fish croquette





Ceviche in chalupa


Guacamole and salsa with totopos


Tostadas of beef Salpicón


Panela cheese in chipotle sauce


Chile stuffed with tuna salad


Acapulco shrimp ceviche on tartlets





Mini tamales


Mini tacos dorados


Chicken and cheese turnovers


Sopes with Mexican sausage


Chile popper

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and the main courses:



Calamari in flaky pastry Shell with a White wine sauce


Chile Poblano Cream Soup (not spicy)


Chicken Breast breaded with fine herbs and mushrooms



Salad with mixed baby greens, fresh Apples and walnut


with a Thousand Island dressing


Anise-Style Fish Soup


BBQ Chicken served with mashed potato and buttered vegetables



Shrimp Cream and Castilla Zuchinni Soup


Combo Plate – Chicken in Steak in a black pepper sauce



Roasted Vegetables and Fresh Mozzerella Plate


Filete de pescado prepared with fresh red peppers,


served with Parisian potato and stuffed Zucchini



Poblano chile stuffed with fresh tuna in a walnut sauce


Fortiere Chicken Breast (served with mushrooms, Chambray onion and bacon)



Shrimp and Avocado Cream Soup


Provenzal Chicken Breast served with vegetables


And buttered potato






Crab and Citrus Salad served with a Mango Vinaigrette


Fish Fillet stuffed with Cheese Mousse and a Green Pepper


Served with Poblano Risotto




Cream of Corn Soup

Chicken Breast stuffed with Zuchinni Blossom

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My take on the food is that you are at an AI so if the dinner stinks your guests can find something else with little effort popcorn.gif


Also my FI is way picky on food so we mixed and matched for dinner and Rebeca said it was no problem.


Poblano soup

Crab and citrus salad in mango vinaigrette

Chicken breast foretiere

Mashed potatoes


I'm curious if anyone posts that something was spectacular. It has been my experience at AIs (Riu Cabo & Sun Palace) that the food is almost always delish but never to die for...

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Did anyone offer two entree options? We were told we could do it but it might cost us extra but haven't heard word on how much extra it would cost.

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i offered 2 w/o any cost, but we're talking 15 months ago. there's a pic of my menus in my planning thread (signature). the options for cocktail hour and dinner are the same as they were then.

i think i reviewed the wedding food in my review, but i don't remember. we didn't have any appetizers, as we were taking pictures. my father said they were all fantastic. the only thing that is NOT WORTH IT is the cake. get that elsewhere if you can (idk if it's allowed...? don't think it is...). i loved all of the food at dreams but there was not a single dessert that i enjoyed.

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Well... I had initially planned on discussing the whole menu issue when I went to log on earlier... HOWEVER.


Air Canada Vacations has now cancelled my trip-- and consequently my Dreams wedding.


So... I'll be saying adios now.


Adios. Love you all! Good luck with everything!

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