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Some teaser pictures (Pro and Non-Pro)

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Alyssa! Thanks for replying... very nice, I like the site too. My sister is going to design my monogram, she is a graphic designer, and a procrastinator! But luv her.

Let me know if you want to see the parasols.... since I am going to be a "B" too... otherwise the ones on this site are pretty reasonable as well.


Hope you are doing well and getting settled back into life.

I bet you can't wait to get the rest of your pictures.... I know I am excited to see them and I barely know you! You are a stunning bride and your photos are fabulous so far... I know I said that, but they are! Have a great day~

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Originally Posted by KEE LAC View Post
You looked beautiful. I am glad you had a wonderful wedding. No trash dress huh! You just got in the water with your regular dress?

Hey! I went back and forth about this and decided that TTD is really about 'the dress' (at least for me) - i would feel weird if i had wedding pics with a different dress on. i mean what else i am really going to do with it KWIM?

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