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Great villas in Playa Ocotal


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We just got back from a week in Costa Rica and we stayed in two villas in Playa Ocotal. Both were all inclusive and were rented through Welcome to Costa Rica! :: Costa Rica Villas :: .


Playa Ocotal is a gated community 5 minutes from Playa Del Coco and 30 minutes from the Liberia airport.


For people looking for villas rentals in this area I would highly recommend them! The staff was so nice, food was great, and the views from these places were amazing.


We stayed in Villa Puerto Escondido for 5 nights- which is perfect for a group vacation - it holds 8 people. We then moved to Villa Puesta del Sol for our last two nights. This one holds up to 20 people and would be perfect for a small wedding.


All of their villas are within walking distance from each other, so a larger wedding could be held at Villa Puesta del Sol and guests could easily move between the villas.


Their website has photos: Welcome to Costa Rica! :: Costa Rica Villas ::. I've got additional photos for anyone who is interested. For some reason I'm having troubles uploading them to my picture gallery, however will keep trying. The pictures on their website does not even do them justice!



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Originally Posted by FutureMrs.L View Post
Do you have your wedding on the property grounds? I just looked at the site, but I did not see any info about weddings. I would love to see your pics if you are able to post them.

They are private villas that are rented through the website listed above. I believe there is the room to have a small wedding on the grounds, but do not know if they have services already set up like larger hotels do. I would contact them directly to see if having a wedding on site is an option. You probably would need to contact outside vendors to assist with this.

I am out of town until next week - but let me know if you are still interested in pictures and I can post some or email them to you.

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I am heading to Costa Rica for New Years this year with a group of 33 people and we have rented Puesto Del Sol and Peurto Escondido for our group, I would love to see any pictures you have of these 2 properties and would love to hear what you have to say about the 2 properties.



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