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EdenH Real Arena Restaurant Menus

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Hey ladies, I saw a couple of requests about the menus for EdenH. If you have any questions, just let me know :) So here's some helpful tips I thought I'd share.


There are 4 ala carte restaurants that are only open for dinner in which need reservations. When we 1st arrived, they were taking a la carte reservations in the Festival Buffet b/w certain hours. By the time we left, they moved the reservations to the Sports Bar. Please note, as this is a new resort, they are trying to work out their reservation system. In the ala carte restaraunts, they have limited wait staff, so when you go in, all the tables will not be full. We talked to a restaurant manager and they said they are trying to train their staff to provide exceptional service to a small crowd 1st - which makes sense. We felt that the wait staff was VERY attentive and not having the restaurants overcrowded, meant less noise, and more personal attention.


When they 1st open, they weren't making any reservations, they just had buzzers (like at Olive Garden) - which in turned caused long lines and lots of complaints. So they started taking reservations. So you will need to try and make your reservations immediately after you check in! My guests missed out on 2 of the a la cartes b/c of availability. If you are a Paradise Club member, they will do their best to try and squeeze you in. Also asked the WCs to see what they can do as well. I said all that to say -- they are working on getting it together :)


There are 2 buffets (The Festival Buffet (a.k.a - the main buffet) - open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner & the Beach Buffet - really near the beach - only open for lunch.



The Festival Buffet has 'stations'. (Ex: for breakfast, omelet station - for lunch/dinner - pasta & meat station, etc) They also have a fresh smoothie bar:)


Now on to the menus, pics of the restaurant and food...

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Ok, bare with me, I'm having problems resizing the photos in Photobucket, even though on their site, the pic seems to be resized! So for now, I'll just try and type 1 of the menus in and play around with Photobucket sad.gif


You pick one item from each category. To drink you can request anything and they will get it from the bar, and then they have their basic red and white wine for free. They also have a wine menu (but these have an additional cost). All of the menus are in Spanish AND English


* At all the ala cartes you can order lobster for an additional $30 USD. I did not notice anyone that ordered it.


Italian Restaurant : Cinque Terre



* Zucchini stuffed with crabmeat and procciuto ham and a reduction of baslamic vinegar

* Tomato and Mozarella with Pesto Sauce

* Oven baked roasted eggplant with Mozarella and Parmesan Cheese

* White wine and mushrooms risotto

* Seafood lasagna enhanced with pesto



* The world wide known Minestrone soup

* Fish and seafood soup with garlic and rosemary croutons

* Mushroom cream soup with basil


Platos Fuertes/Main Course

* Lamb cutlets with orange and thyme

* Veal scallopine cooked in Marsala wine

* Pork saltimbocca with sage and procciuto

* Chicken casserole with mushrooms and white wine

* Fish fillet filled with shrimps over a spinche cream bed


Pastas & Pizza

* Choice of noodles (penne, linguini, ravioli, farafalle, fettccini, spaghetti) with choice of sauce: pesto, bolognese, seafood, carbonara, arrabiatta

* Calamari and squid ink risotto

* Pizza with mozarella and basil

* Pizza with tomato and procciuto ham

* Blue cheese pizza



* Italian dessert trolley - various desserts you pick off a cart/stand

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American Restaurant : The Shore Grille




* Deep fried chicken with bbq burritos

* Potato skin stuffed with cream cheese, bacon and chives

* Mixed seafood 'Ceviche' marinated with coconut

* Farm house salad (lettuce, ham, boiled eggs, artichokes, olives and a blue cheese dressing



* Clam chowder

* Pumpkin cream soup with mint leaves

* Chicken pot with vegetables


Platos Fuertes/Main Course

* The world famous BBQ ribs - whole rack of bbq ribs slowly grilled

* 24 oz of premium beef burger topped with cheddar and bacon

* Beef tenderloin with carmelized onions

* Grilled chicken with jerk spices - marinated with scotch bonnet and grilled

* Duo of authentic German sausages, grilled and served with mashed potatoes

* Seafood Extravaganza - A delicate combination of grilled fish and seafood with garlic and herbs

* Mixed seafood skewer with coconut


* All dishes served with baked potato, corn on the cob, and red peppers

(Just a side note: We did not get any of this, instead, mashed potatoes,

which were delicious)

* Choice of sauces: chimichurri, blue cheese, or mushrooms



* Key lime pie

* Grandmother strawberry cheese cake

* Virginian Apple pie with cinnamon

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Since there is a new forum rule where you cant edit posts, I have started another thread with pics from the restaurants. I have sent a pm to a mod, to please delete this thread! Thanks

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