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Hello Everyone, April Bride

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Hey, I'm new to this website, so forgive me If I don't get the hang of this at first. I'm planning a wedding for April 2009 in the Dominican Republic(Punta cana), and if anyone has any advice on getting my hair done for the wedding in the Dominican, please let me know. I am really concerned about how I'm going to get my hair don down there, are there people down there that do that stuff? and make-up? I'm probably asking for a miracle I Know, but i figured it was worth a shot to ask anyways....hope someone can give me some advice.....


Take Care Everyone


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Where in the DR are you getting married? Once we know where you are getting married someone should be able to help you out with hair and makeup! :)


I would start out in this area of the forum. It's all Dominican Republic information Dominican Republic

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