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Our Dreams Los Cabos (7/22/08) wedding photos!

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congratulations!!! you looked sooo beautiful.

your make up looks sooo nice and natural. Just wondering, cuz im asian too...and its hard for me to get a nice looking make up and i love yours!!!!who did your make up? also, how much did you rent those tiffany chairs and whom did you rent it from?

Congratulations again

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Originally Posted by mpark46 View Post
Our photographer posted some photos to her blog! Makes me want to get married all over again!

It was seriously HOT the day we got married, but luckily I don't look like I'm sweating too much!

Jonilyn Photography | Jonilyn Photography Blog Blog Archive Miyon + Jason | Wedding

Thanks to all the previous BDW brides for all your great advice!!!
Your wedding looks amazing!!! I love your shoes and the flower in your hair. Where did you get the flower?

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