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Remembering 9/11

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#1 jamisoncollette

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    Posted 11 September 2008 - 08:37 AM

    I didn't think about the date today until I put my daughter on the bus. Its weird to me that most of my memories are fuzzy or suppressed however I can clearly remember all of the events of the morning of 9/11, maybe because my daughter was exactly 4 months old that day and I was still hormonal. It is for my generation the 'where were you when Kennedy was shot?" I don't feel threatened now, nor did I then. As I told my mom when she wanted me to come home immediately-" I'm in Williamsport, Pa,mom, not exactly the hub of Western civilization." Anyone know what the plans are today to commemorate? I read The Pentagon finished their memorial.

    #2 yamille

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      Posted 11 September 2008 - 09:00 AM

      Right before I read this post FI reminded me that it was 9/11. I am a super emotional person and still feel strange on this day. It's not a fear - it's just a deep sadness.

      I don't know about any memorial things but I'm sure that they are doing something downtown by where the towers were. I think it's a tough time for anyone that was either living in NYC when it happened or that lost someone in their lives.

      The one thing I have noticed teh past few years is that people are more kind on this day in the city.

      #3 Angel

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        Posted 11 September 2008 - 09:13 AM

        I remember waking up pissed cause Maury wasn't on. Then I realized what had happened. I was on maternity leave cause I just had my daughter 2 weeks before.
        It's on CNN right now. I can see it from my building because I work in the building across from the Pentagon.

        #4 rodent


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          Posted 11 September 2008 - 09:20 AM

          I was in organic chem class my junior year of college. I dind't know what happened until I got to my next class. The prof had a website up on the screen. He said a few things about it & said he was worried about what this means for a freedom when we travel & then went right into lecturing. It was so confusing. I still didn't know what happened & had to sit there & think about genetics. I thought that it would have only been the people on the flight that were killed.

          On the way to my car after class, they had a radio news broadcast playing on the bus. everyone was silent listening.

          #5 lambert13

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            Posted 11 September 2008 - 11:00 AM

            It's always a strange feeling day. And today...the weather feels just like it did that day.

            #6 JoLo908

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              Posted 11 September 2008 - 11:09 AM

              One of my best friends is there right now at the memorial at ground zero for her father. Every year it is an upsetting day. I was in my senior year of highschool, and since most of the kids in our school had parents who worked in the city, they would not tell us anything. So, I cut school and went home to watch TV, and then returned to get my friends and tell them what was going on. It was so terrible, and still is.

              #7 *Casey*

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                Posted 11 September 2008 - 11:13 AM

                When I stay at FI's place in Jersey City, I take a train called the Path to get into Manhattan, which I did today. It goes right through Ground Zero... and I mean like in the hole where all the constuction is below ground level. You're right there seeing it all. And it was so surreal seeing all of the families walking up the ramp to grieve for their lost loved ones. I couldn't help but say a little prayer for everyone.

                #8 Bianca

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                  Posted 11 September 2008 - 11:34 AM

                  I was living in Bolivia and in the 8th grade(feels like forever ago). This guy ran up to me and told me that the a plane hit the twin towers and they collapsed. I just laughed at him. I told him that stuff like that doesn't happen in the US. No one else said anything to me during the day. When I got home I saw my mom crying watching the TV and I realized that it really did happen. There is limited media coverage about the US in Bolivia and we didn't have cable(so no American TV). There would be some coverage on what was happening, but it was just like a short segment every hour or an update. I felt so lost and out of touch.
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                  #9 ErinB


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                    Posted 11 September 2008 - 11:41 AM

                    I'm a cry baby so it still gets me.

                    I was in Micro Econ, my sophomore year of college. We tried to pull up a news website, but all of the servers were over loaded, so the professor started lecturing. All we knew was that a plane had hit the WTC, but we were all thinking it as a Cessna or something.

                    I had a break so went over to the student center to watch tht tvs there. Lots of students were crying, but everything was just silent. A classmate was next to me and his dad had gone to NYC the day before for a meeting. We were watching when the second tower was hit and he basically watched his dad die on CNN.

                    I went ahead and went to my next class because they weren't telling us anything. My philosophy professor cancelled class and told us to go home and be with loved ones. My mom had already driven to campus to get me.

                    It was such a surreal day.

                    Someone started a memorial in front of one of the main buildings that grew each day, candles, flowers, poems, sidewalk art. There were always people praying there. I don't think it was touched until campus closed for Thanksgiving.

                    My birthday is the 15th and it's a big joke that something always happens on my b-day to make me cry.

                    The weirdest thing for me was the quite skies. Campus and my house are in line with the airport and the UPS hub is here. I never noticed the sound until it was gone.

                    I was flying to see my boyfriend at the end of the month, so that was scary. The National Guard was at the end of the security line with machine guns and full combat gear. I flew through Detroit, and there is a large Arabic population and a large number of them work at the airport. There was such a fear of Arabic people immediately thereafter so I found it ironic that these were the TSA agents keeping us sfe on the plane. My BF was also in the reserves so there was a lot of question as to what would happen with him, he eventually did go to Iraq for 2 years.

                    #10 Celina

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                      Posted 11 September 2008 - 12:18 PM

                      I work for the fire department at an airport.

                      I was getting ready for work and it was the most surreal thing. I called my sister and we watched the planes on the news. I remember Katie Couric on the Today show.

                      I came to work and was one of the only cars coming into the airport as cars were on the other side of the highway flooding out of the airport. I came into work and was a hysterical mess. I took everything from my office - personnel files - budget files - a laptop and anything else of importance and left to see my dad at his job. He works down the street for a rental car agency. I went into his job and sobbed like a baby in his arms. I was a mess. I am actually crying as I type this because the tragedy is uncomprehensible.

                      I then went and got my daughter from daycare and went home. We watched the news all day and my dad came after work and stood with me. My boss had me work from home for the rest of the week until things calmed down with the airport and security.

                      Today our flags are at half mast and at 12:00 today we will have a moment of silence in front of our firehouse and the rest of the firehouses in Denver. The airport also had a moment of silence this morning at 6:46am. There was no screening and it was announced airport wide.
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