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Opinions JW Marriott vs CasaMagna Cancun

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Buenos dias!


We are still looking for a location to have our wedding and reception.


I loved the pictures of the gazebo between the JW Marriott & the CasaMagna Cancun (gracias Anny!), but still trying to figure out where to have the reception.


I was wondering if anyone had opinions or experiences with these hotels. I have the information from the wedding coordinator from the CasaMagna and I really like their menu.


We will not be able to visit Cancun before we get married sad.gif so any information will be appreciated!

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Paula both resorts are gorgeous and I think the coordinator is the same for both of them.. I don't know about the menu but I'd guess they are very simmilar.. the JW's rooms are more expensive than the Casamagna's.. I don't know if having your reception at the JW will be more expensive...

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Thanks Anny, I showed my FI the pictures you took and he really likes the gazebo and the CasaMagna.


Good point on the price since it may be a concern for some guests.


I will contact the WC to see if she has pictures of the different areas for a reception for both hotels.


Thank you!

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