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I had Amarillis help with one of mine & I also played around on Power Point. You can make one using "fonts" on dafont.com (wm trees, wm aquatic, sc by the sea, etc.) that look like pictures, or you can use clip art. You can create shapes (circles, squares, etc) to enclose it & text in text boxes - and then play with the colors. Once you have created one, you can "select all" and "group" them, and then save it as a jpg file. Then when you import it, or copy and paste into another document (example: a Word doc), then you can change the size without messing it up! You can always PM me to get more info. Good luck. Hope this was helpful.

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Originally Posted by Geralyn View Post


I want to make my own monogram for the wedding. I see some people on here have really nice ones. What program can I use to make my own and how do I do it?

I used this site... Takes a min to get use to.. but you can do a lot of cool things with it... Try youtubing various videos about using photoshop and you'll get the hang of it.. It's basically a free on-line version of photoshop....



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