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I thought I posted this (but I can't find it) so I apologize if this is in two places.


My friend used to live in Cabo and she gave me some good advice about florists.


a) The flowers aren't grown in Cabo - they are all imported. Therefore, they will be a bit more expensive than we are used to paying.


B) Select a florist that is close to your wedding location. If you are getting married closer to San Jose, select a San Jose florist. Especially if you are getting married on a busy wedding day. The reason? To ensure that flowers are kept as fresh as possible, the florists wait to deliver them. If, however, they accidentally forget something, it could take them an hour round trip to pick up the missing item. As she said, "for the peace of mind, pay the extra $30."


c) Help your florist with substitutions. If you ordered a mixed bouquet that includes white roses but the shipment of white roses didn't look good enough for your bridal bouquet - would you prefer an alternate white flower or pink roses?


d) If you aren't hearing back from your florist, it may be because he/she doesn't speak English very well. We take for granted that everyone in Cabo speaks English remarkably well. However, the florists don't interact with Americans as often as the resort staff, so they are self conscious about their English. If you can find a friend who speaks Spanish, your effort will go a long way with your florist. Alternatively, try using Babelfish to translate your email.

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Great tips Natasha. Thank you and your friend. Having a plan B in regard to flowers was something that I hadn't thought of. The delivery logistics are something that I gave very little thought about.

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