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May 2009 Brides

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I've booked our condo in Hawaii, and reserved the reception hall for our AHR. Oh, and I've bought my dress and my FI's outfit. That's about it. I'm going to start working on my diy invites (for AHR) next week. Mostly I've just researched everything. I'm not worried at all.

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So what are you girls doing for makeup for the big day? Since we're going on a cruise, they ships salon doesn't offer make up service. So my aunt (that sounds weird since she's 3 years older then me and I never call her that!) is going to do my makeup, since we're not having a wedding party so I wanted to give her something special to do.


I normally wear Bare Minerals. I was thinking of going like 2 weeks before we leave and taking her with me to Mac since everyone raves about there makeup. Atleast to get some foundation and eye makeup.


What do you girls suggest?

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Oh my goodness! You ladies are on the ball! I thought I was on track with everything until I just saw these threads! :-) I have been doing so much research on this forum and looking for certain things on-line that I can't check certain things off yet because I'm still searching but...


Here's what we have done:

Chose our date for Aruba Wedding

Aruba Marriott Beach Ceremony & Reception- deposit pd

Booked date & location for Welcome Reception

Booked date & location for Thank You Reception (this will include guests who couldnt' make the trip as well)

Booked FI & I's flights and room

BM Dresses

Engagement Pics

WedSite completed-Sept

Save-The-Dates went out-Sept

Booked Photographer

Chose Rev & Videographer but waiting to hear back from them

Dress & Veil ordered

We have 37 guests booked in rooms so far.


Everything else is undecided! Yikes!

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Here's what I have done so far:


reserved wedding date and time at the Azul Sensatori in the Riviera Maya.

Booked our trip

Booked Photographer's trip

designed and mailed out STD magnet's

Mailed out luggage tags w/ the STD's

Ordered wedding dress

Decided on Bridemaids dresses and Groomsmens attire

Ordered FI's ring

Ordered FI's tux

Purchaded BM's starfish necklaces

Purchased OOT bags

Purchased centerpieces for reception

Decided on reception dinner menu

Picked out cake topper

Designed menu's, tags, and programs (still need to have printed)

Hired a seamstress for BM's dresses, chair sashes, table overlays and GM's ties

Ordered monogrammed mugs for OOT bags

decided on guys excursion (ATV ride and speed boat rides)

engagement photos

chose hairstyle for wedding


Need to do:

Pick out BM's fabric for dresses to be made (doing that tomorrow)

Design and order my band (FI's job)

Order invitations

make welcome book for guests

order favors (starfish bottle stoppers)

make pre-travel brochure

find make-up inspiration


That's all I can think of right now, but I am sure there is tons more to do!!!!


decide on cake

finish playlist for reception

get TTD dress (I don't want to use mine)

get shoes, wedding jewlery, garters

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I haven't even thought about makeup yet... I've been slacking and haven't done a whole lot more. But my mom and her best friend are coming up the first weekend in December to help me register and look at invites. Next on my list are my STD's.

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Well here it is:


Date Picked: May 22, 2009

Resort Picked: Playacar Palace

Wedding Bands: Both me and my FI

Dress Bought: Still needs extreme alterations

STD's: Send out about 2 months ago

Invitations Sent: We wanted to get them out early

Wedding Registry Done: Although I have to go online and take a few things off...Like the Wii my Fiance ran off and added

Passorts Done: Well both my FI and I have them, but his expires 5 months after the wedding so he needs to get it renewed

Tip Booked


SO MUCH left to do! But it will be okay...I just need to take one thing at a time!

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Mel your invites are to cute.


We're in the process of getting ours printed for our AHR. They'll go out in March. Right now alot is on hold till after the holidays, then its full steam ahead on wedding stuff.


I looked at my ticker today and nearly had a heart attack. Time is flying by!!!

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